Apocalypse World War 1 | HELL – (Part 3/5) TV Mini Series [2014]


historical footage Colorized in ascending order of World War 1. Not only relatively well-known battles of Flanders and France , but also the generally unknown …


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  1. Chuck Norros says:

    i never feel to sorry about human beings, but the scene with the horses……. got me sad

  2. Jimmy Walker says:

    It brings it home what it was really like

  3. Colin Carr says:

    superb narration

  4. Holy cow this sends chills down my spine. I don't know what I would do if a WWIII was ever declared.

  5. Who's side was general haig on he should have been hanged. 

  6. Apocalypse World War 1 | HELL

  7. ayy lmao says:

    Episode 4 and 5 please, cant find them anywhere

  8. Jacko Frisky says:

    Okay wtf
    They're running yet he still burns them 23:39

  9. Robin Hood says:

    "ideals are peaceful, history is violent, history repeats"

  10. morales4680 says:

    can you please upload the last two episodes?

  11. I hope American will understand why it's unbearable when they call French people "Cheese-eating surrender monkeys". We lost so many young men. We lost 1 697 800 people during WW1 and 567000 during WW2. USA lost 117 465 people during WW1 and 418 500 during WW2. And France is a much smaller country than the USA.

  12. Riad Guzin says:

    8:12 – Get it out mate,get it out!

  13. Billionish says:

    WTF is it with the tzar of russia nicholas the second and king george V of england, they look identical. Cousins. This is mental they are all descended from Q Victoria. Including brussels guy and austro hungarian empire guy and im sure a host of others The whole thing seems like it was just a family feud.

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