Architects and Engineers On 9/11! Excellent Must See!


Check out this best ever 9/11 technical analysis by architectural and engineering experts, pretty much proves 9/11 is a lie, even to dyed in the wool deniers.


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  1. iondetox says:

    The same thing happened in the Oklahoma City bombing. FBI threatened Oklahoma City and state police and one police who perused the. cover-up was killed and his body dragged to Federal property where a state autopsy was refused. Grand Jury people were threatened. Alex Jones of InfoWars did in-depth interviews. Do we understand why Alex is vilified? Hidie Hilderburg was on the grand jury and describes his encounter with the FBI. We need to wake up folks and the people screaming conspiracy theory are protected the conspirators to take our freedoms.

  2. genuineuni says:

    What worries me the most, this took a large network of people to kill many Americans and these people still remain in America.Too bizarre to be remotely believable.  Sort of like Sandy Hook, a large network of people covering-up the truth, they too exist in America. FEMA? Just watch C-SPAN, it's obvious they care less about the safety of American people. Great video!

  3. Bob Rob says:

    if people could have done this evil, they could have fake moon landing as well , how to trust people ?

  4. What I find unbelievable is the finding of a passport belonging to one of the terrorists in the street

  5. Have your building codes changed significantly since 9/11 to accommodate office fires and why didn't the sprinkler system kick in?

  6. Most likely explosives scenario is they were installed into the WTC buildings prior to the plane crashes and the planes were just used as a cover. Doubt terrorists could get thermite onto the planes.

  7. This Guy says:

    YouTube "Christopher Bollyn", "Alan Sabrosky", "Scott DeCarlo American Free press", and "Victor Thorn Jewish fingerprints all over 9/11", and become enlightened. God bless this movement. It is time we rise up and defeat Israel. This Jewish mob cannot get away with this any longer. We have had enough of this stuff!

  8. Bill murphy says:

    ok we all know the towers were taken down by explosive charges but how can we bring those responsible to justice? is this even possible or are we just talking and talking for nothing

  9. The American people & the world must face the truth — the disinformation is broadcasted & printed not to enlight the people, in fact the current educational system will not make people [think] for themselves — The truth is our biggest fear. it is already clear to me that the masses now slowly is brought to the truth — God may Bless the American people & the world as an new era has begun.

  10. I never believed that there was a conspiracy behind 9/11, but after watching this I actually think there's something really fishy. What are the odds that 100% (3 out of 3) of the buildings collapse in a manner typical of a controlled demolition? And it is highly unlikely that the same three buildings perform in a way never seen before by experts, who have experiences with dozens of high-rise buildings burning for hours and hours, even days. It makes no sense! If they had collapsed on the top floors and further down had toppled over, that I would have understood. An then all the witness accounts of firefighters who have their shit together, talking about explosions. I really don't understand the WTC7 incident though. Who had to gain from the destruction of that building. It didn't fundamentally make the whole thing worse – it was so overshadowed by what happened in WTC1+2. Any ideas?
    My heart goes out to everybody affected by this. I'm not an American citizen but watching the second airplane hit the south tower live on tv haunts me still.

  11. xcrowes says:

    Around time frame 10:30 you can see the demolition charges going off! at the rear left hand corner and at the front of the building in a vertical line. But the narrative is it fell down? Pull the other one!

  12. N1755L says:

    I assume, I should say I'm certain, but don't know where to find the information… wouldn't the Pentagon grounds/compound have been littered with security cameras covering any imaginable angle of view, at the time of the missile hit? Er… I mean, when the airplane struck?

  13. Lucas sacuL says:

    This is what I have been saying before all along. How come the US government didn't change the building code due to fire bringing down the building

  14. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful videos on the Twin Towers so far!! This needs to be passed on and sent to every non-believer…..for democracy, for truth and for justice!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  15. When will America wake up and realise that the American Government did this. It was done so America could go to war in another country over OIL!! The loss of life was tragic. Government doesn't care. Just collateral damage. Done for the GREED of OIL. Now America is worried about ISIS and Muslims. Maybe get off their lawn and the won't be so pissed? People will only put up with a bully for so long, Then they fight back.. In then end, no one in a war wins. It's just a body count. A waste of life.
    Just a thought from a NON American.

  16. I watched this video in its entirety while even taking notes. I know Im a nerd! lol, but a nerd who always wants to know the truth in all things. Okay so my thoughts on this are as follows – first theory – I 100 percent agree that it was not only the planes which caused the collapse of these buildings however, it may still be terrorist related. If someone or a group wanted to make an impact/ statement/ example or send a message to an entire country they would have to make themselves known. So in all reality they could as well planned the controlled explosive demolition and at the same time wanted all to know who they are, they also used the planes to make a larger impact and to have the message 'seen' in a devastating manner on two accounts and using the controlled demolition to ensure the buildings are brought down to their core. If they solely took down the buildings with controlled explosives then no one would know who, why, etc., and many other theories would have been born. Also why not do it in a way that would have an entire country question their government and create chaos and havoc within the country thus weakening it to further attacks perhaps even a take over. This leads me to my second theory – why would the USA government not investigate such a disastrous event to the fullest of their ability? Why would Canada and neighboring governments allow this? 1) Perhaps due to such a disastrous event they wanted to clear the area and start the healing process as soon as possible? 2) The government assumed because of the planes and terrorist threat that this was the initial and only cause? 3) Why did they not speak of the third building which collapsed in the exact same manner on the very same day? 4) Was all this done to set a stage of terrorism to make the changes that have followed since within our governments, with the least resistance of the people? 5) Was this incident due to what was happening in specific third world countries and where is the connection to this? ……..If we do not question and search for the truth we dishonor those who have had their lives taken, those who gave their lives as first responders and all the people and families who have been and continue to be affected by this great tragedy. This a long with many other issues should be addressed. If Canada and its people think this is not our problem, you are highly mistaken. Take the presidency of the USA for example and all that we have witnessed in the last year. Do you really blindly think that anything that the USA does will not affect us?…. if you do… you are greatly mistaken. In the least we must remain aware of what is really happening in the world. The truth sets us free, secrets only make us sick! Thus the truth will make us stronger and secrets will weaken us. We are not superior to all other countries. Mankind is imperfect, but we can strive to make our countries better…. together and untied!

  17. Lisa Pdx says:

    We do have a leader that will do these things. Politicians were warned not to fly on 9/11/01. The terrorists who supposedly took charge of the plane were all Saudi Arabian nationals who both supported Bush and Killery. Yet the US went to war with Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia….Trump stated there were bombs in the building at the time. Trump knew because his family business was construction so he knew how erecting buildings was done. I am hopeful that Trump will expose the possible Nazi executioner, Hillary supporter, BLM supporter and possible World Trade demolitionist George Soros et al. will be exposed by President Trump.

  18. The US Gov. did this and lied to the People and hid the Evidence because they know who did it and why. SKK .

  19. Eric Storey says:

    It is the citizens duty to question authority, very wise words, don't believe anything you are told, do as much research as you can, and many are doing just that, all those who perished that horrific day, plus those who paid the price for their country in conflicts abroad as a result of 911 demand that truth. Then, and only then can a nation heal. Part of that healing process is the realisation that you the citizen are the power of your country and no one else.

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