Are These Shapeshifting Lights in the Sky a UFO?


A guy reportedly saw a light in the sky Monday night, then promptly freaked the fuck out. This so-called “mysterious flashing light” was captured on video and shared with the hardened investigators over at the Daily Mail, who spoke with 23-year-old Ethan Hodge and his unnamed friend about the alleged flight patterns of the latest unidentified aerial phenomena.

“At first I thought it was just a star but then it started flashing green, blue, purple, all these various colors,” Hodge told the Mail. “It disappeared for [a] few seconds and then returned as this big flashing circle. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was flashing and whizzing about.”

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38 Responses

  1. Skyrim Gamer says:

    My sister's teacher saw something like this by the way he described it he said it was flashing lights and whizzing out but the he watched it for a while he said it looked like it wasn't moving but it was actual!y just slow. he said the one he saw was one just like this but it split into 2 the second one was faster he watched it till it got too far when it did he looked back to the other one and the second one appeared again.

  2. it's an object not identified by the fucktards that recorded it on their iPhone. So what?

  3. I came from mars

  4. Swear I've seen this drone…

  5. Guacamoses says:

    No UFO. Just Rave.

  6. medic6817 says:

    Looks like a fancy laser?

  7. Moore says:

    its static shock

  8. NEx HD says:

    It was a disco

  9. Bruh, I was with my mother and my cousin at the mall and when we started walking to the car both of em told me what a pretty moon and pointed foward. I told them I look at it when we get to the car, when I look back I see the moon but at another direction than the one they pointed. I ask them and they say we swear it was right in front of us…

  10. El Chapo says:

    100% Alien. And i Predict a War On Aliens in 2030, u heard it here first.

  11. They are coming to stop trump

  12. LAST NIGHT I SAW A UFO. flashing blue and red lights abducted me to the home base and did all sorts of tests on me, then locked me up for the night.

  13. Katlino Redd says:

    @complex no lie. I live in North Carolina and seen the same exact thing about a week and a half ago. had video too. same thing with the colors and the weird hovering motions. me n my girl thought we were just tripping and it was the north star.

  14. David Jaron says:

    in my neighborhood i always see wierd lights at night

  15. Haithere says:

    What was he doing out in the middle of nowhere at night with his MALE friend?

  16. Probably a drone aha

  17. Sergio Buryy says:

    Finally a UFO video that isn't terrible quality…

  18. It's a damn drone for crying out loud aliens do not exist!!! Stop believing everything my goodness aliens do not exist it's a drooooone! Be careful before u get shot by one.

  19. Definitely Not a Drone ??‍♂️ You know those things that hover in the sky

  20. thought I saw a UFO tonight too but let's face it chances are these could just be drones! ?

  21. someone shoulda had a nikon x86

  22. Me to me: UFO news??? On Complex??? 150% sure I'm gonna take an L but LESSGO!

  23. Yvng Kodak says:

    Boy that's a alien FAXXXXX?

  24. DREW FLOWS says:

    Yoooooo i saw this same thing about a month ago in Las Vegas!!! it was flashing colors just like that and hadn't moved from its spot in the sky for at least 30 minutes! I still have the snapchat video to prove it

  25. HIHisLife says:

    Blue beam test.

  26. Yes alien, I've seen the same

  27. Marcos says:

    they were having a Rave

  28. kevon graham says:

    complex if you drop that weak mixtape in my dm's again ima have no choice but to beat the goofy outta yall

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