Are We Headed For The “Gun Control Perfect Storm?”

Eric Reed

Are We Headed For The “Gun Control Perfect Storm?”

With weather, nothing happens instantly. There’s an escalation or “building” stage of every storm. There’s certain ingredients required to form a storm, and if even one of those ingredients is missing, there can be no storm. Once all the ingredients are there, every storm goes through 3 specific stages; building, mature, and dissipating.

Are We Headed For The Gun Control Perfect Storm

Let’s consider some recent events happening in our nation. Whether you want to admit it or not, The United States is in the “building stage.”


We’ll start with the man in The White House, President Obama. He stated many times that he supports the 2nd Amendment, and has no desire to take our guns. Obama signed a series of Executive Orders on live TV surrounded by young children, much like Adolph Hitler was known for as well. I don’t think I need to cite anymore specific examples to prove that Obama wants your guns. That’s not under debate.

Second, we have some states that have elected to take advantage of Obama’s call for more gun control. Some of these states have passed ridiculous anti-gun laws. Laws that will do nothing to decrease crime or prevent mass shootings. States like Colorado, California, New York, and most notably (and recently) Connecticut.

Third, mainstream media ignores these issues. Even our supposed ally Fox News has reported quite a bit inaccurately. This has the direct result of dividing America. What percentage would you guess of all Americans refuse to rely on MSM? You’re reading this, but don’t think many others are. We are the minority, I assure you. Some Americans refuse to doubt MSM even when bring presented with the facts. They say, “well it wouldn’t be on the news if it wasn’t true.” This is a society that discourages independent thinking. Major problem!

And finally, American patriots are pissed, and rightfully so! We have a document that was ratified to protect these issues from happening. But the more Americans get upset, the more our government keeps “poking the bear.” Connecticut goes off the legislative deep end, pisses off the whole country, and what happens next? Rhode Island introduces nearly 30 bills that would make Connecticut look like Texas if they pass! Once the bulk of Americans find out about these RI bills, well you see where I’m going with this.


The mature stage of a thunderstorm is marked when precipitation begins to fall. The mature stage of this issue would be marked when bullets fly, and bodies fall. Martial law would be declared by Obama, and the police and military members would begin to choose sides. There’d be violations of every Constitutional Amendment daily. Many Americans would fight, some would hide, and some would leave the country. It would be a tragedy of the highest scale. Patriots, police, and politicians alike would spill blood.


After a storm is over, there’s always destruction to see. A storm dissipates when it essentially “runs out of gas.” The precipitation has already fallen, and there’s very little moisture left in the atmosphere. Despite the path of devastation, the storm brought forth, welcome torrential rainfall also resulted to keep us hydrated, and the vegetation green. Thomas Jefferson said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

So in conclusion, does anybody want to see violence erupt? HELL NO! But our country is nearing the final phases of the “building stage.” We are without question nearing the “Gun Control Perfect Storm.” This is the reason I keep writing about this. This is why GRAA is so animate about stopping this gun control lunacy. This is why we continue to educate our police and military on this issue. The citizens are not the problem, the legislators are! If you’re making laws that you say are designed to stop violence, yet they run the risk of escalating it, you have no business representing our states/country! I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I’m Eric Reed, and may God bless America.

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One Response

  1. 5WarVeteran says:

    It does not matter where we are “headed” as long as every “American” stands up for what is right and shouts out “We are tired of suffering criminal Government and what is wrong.”
    It is simple, “political correctness” is just a deception to try to bullshit people into believing something is “fair”.
    Well how about this, life is not fair. Shit happens and no matter how you spin things, “not fair” is going to happen.
    We as a country cannot cater to any specific group of people just because something is not “fair”.
    If you do not like things being “not fair” then work hard, become intelligent and improve your lot in life. Stop expecting someone to simply hand you “fair” as if you deserve it.
    That is the problem with excessive and criminal “liberal” government. The socialists fleece taxpayers cut their skim off the top and then hand a fraction to those who today believe they are “entitled” to other peoples wealth.

    How about this? Victims of crime never receive recompense. They suffer losses as well as traumatic stress. The only “victims” that benefit are those who already have enough wealth to hire expensive lawyers but the common folk just get screwed.

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