Ariana Grande Exposed Illuminati’s Latest Victim Proof


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  1. Kitty Kat says:

    You wanna why Ariana isn't Christian anymore? Because of her brother. Her family turned him down because frankie is gay! So she switched to a Jewish religion ( the kabbalah) for her brother. I think they believe in gays or something like that. That's why she wears the red bracelet she has to wear it's apart f her religion. Like the Jewish star come on people. The illuminati is just a name that some person made up to scare people like you into believing in it so that manipulates you into joining. If you believe it, you are a part of it! It's a name! Wake up people! The more you give into this so called "illuminati" the more it's feeds on you (your fear)

  2. Copy of James porters video

  3. Aishta Gomez says:

    I cant sleep if im watching thos haha

  4. Katie P says:

    The background music scared me the most

  5. Harley Magic says:

    Okay im really scared now my legs are shaking like mad

  6. marisa cloud says:

    this background music is fucking creepy

  7. Adam Lamsis says:

    she is christian she can't be a illuminati

  8. Adam Lamsis says:

    she is christian she can't be part of illuminati maby she is sending help because other singer's are part of illiminati im christian????

  9. Mady Perry says:

    Who else got creeped this shit out from the backwards song part

  10. i knew there was something up with her attitude changes…

  11. ps this video has been copyed

  12. this is so stupid??

  13. Melissa says:

    The music is scary asf

  14. I don't usually believe this stuff but when you really think about it it gets you thinking hard oml

  15. Dhan Alvarez says:

    Ariana Grande is not the one who make or made the song break free! And The word break free! Common sense..

  16. Snowsunlight says:

    I jut thought to help ariana grande but how?

  17. My birthday is on November 18 and I'm a fan of Ariana ??

  18. get this bull shit out of here she's not some people just hate so much because she in front and your in back lml fuck off

  19. Team Plank says:

    I don't think that she wrote Break Free

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