Arma 3: World War 2 – Battle For Staszow – Ep.1


As the video ? Subscribe ▻ Weapon 3 World War 2 Iron Front mod based. We fight in the town of Staszow a place of strategic importance …


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  1. De4dCert says:

    Argh out early whoops still processing so 1080p 60fps soon… 😀 Lets take the town! Recording the next mission now.

  2. zakory17 says:

    if u could post were to get the mod cause i have arma 3 and iron front 

  3. what mod is this?

    I would really like to play it :D

  4. I wish you did these in first person because you have a major advantage

  5. Rediroph says:

    so is this on a public server ? or is this just a coop mission ?

  6. APCR armor pericing composit riged

  7. Is there sturmgewehr 44's in that?….

  8. lmfao at the ending btw

  9. i want to point out that in real life t-24s had an advantage due to their sloped armor, if you angle it you can weather the storm better

  10. VallmonT18 says:

    Lol the ending one of a kind

  11. How many people are on each team?

  12. noah harris says:

    Hey dead you might have some fans join you so you can have a good team take over towns and such. 

  13. excidium1991 says:

    when the hell does the mod come out for people to play???

  14. You guys are really awesome if I had that game I will help both of you by supporting you you call we haul

  15. McMackster says:

    That tank spotted in 14:29 isn't a panther, its a KunigsTiger, or King tiger, the German's heaviest (fielded) tank in WW2, not including assault guns such as the Jagd Tiger, which carried a 128mm cannon. It, however, was classified as an assault gun due to not having a turret, but a fixed gun. Should anyone say that the Maus was the largest, note I said fielded, and the Maus never saw action.

    But yea, just thought I'd mention.

  16. Devan Hale says:

    4:36 he ran over a guy..

  17. What is this mod? I wouldn't mind having it for some fun on my own computer.

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