Arma 3: World War 2 – Flashbacks – D-Day Normandy


WW2 is back and in Arma 3 – I went back to the D – Day Normandy haunted by flashbacks if you like the video ? Subscribe ▻ this Weapon 3 …


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  1. Sean Stanton says:

    Its actually; "Gentlemen, we're dying on the beaches. Let us die inland."

  2. Crazy boy says:

    I know that talking it's from another world war 2 Game that I played on the PS 2

  3. I was watching Band of brother, then i launched steam and saw arma 3,… i made the link between a ww2 mod on arma3 and i discovered this you tube channel ! Keep going guys, it's wonderfull

  4. In the beginning, you forget how the Germans had a lack of ammunition.

  5. i have ironfront and i putted it in but i have shit graphics and dont have these siggarets

  6. Foomba says:

    "It's a broken tank you daft sod!" LMAO

  7. AZNAZN says:

    Wat mod is this?

  8. How did you get the D-Day DLC on ArmA 3?

  9. What Mod is this? and where can i find it?

  10. Surubel 37 says:

    how can i get this mod on steam ?

  11. makes no sense, american army but the narrator is britsh xD but i guess the video is good

  12. What GPU do you use bro?

  13. DUDE DID YOU EVEN LISTEN TO HISTORY… go back to school

  14. SKY CINEMA says:

    Nice, but the vid comes from Crytek09 haha. You have stolen it !

  15. Joshua Carr says:

    do you ever plan on doing the battle of kursk

  16. @de4dcert you actually make the cinematics?

  17. Travis Sofia says:

    Please, what mod is this? Does anyone know? I've been searching for it everywhere…

  18. The liberation of my country…


    Hope it will be useful !!!

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