Arma 3: World War 2 – Greatest Of Fighting Men!


Using Iron Front for Arma 2 port in Arma 3 2 World War I create a world in which to play the mission expand beaches deep ! in the heart of …


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  1. VooDooChild says:

    Is this Iron front?

  2. Alen Pop says:

    Wath that fake

  3. The greatest of fighting men are the British… just saying.

  4. saburu sakai says:

    Interesting. Remember to stay in the tree lines if you can though. Good to see WW2  now, love the Thompsons and BARs. BUT anytime a BAR guy is prone, that bipod is gonna be on the ground if it's extended. Pretty close though. And the wrist position on the rifles would be horribly uncomfy; they would carry those in a bit different position, trust me. I've run a few excercises/matches with ARs, M-1 Garands and carbines, and you don't carry them the same way you do an assault rifle with a pistol grip. Just hold them a bit, run around a bit with the different style (straight stock and pistol grip) weapons. Thompsons have the pistol grip, so it's the same as original with them. Im overall very impressed though. loved the way the Kubelwagon looked.

  5. nice one, what mods are you using?

  6. Nrowe 56 says:

    I wish I had the money for a gaming pc

  7. This would've been the best World War 2 game of all time!

  8. David Scott says:

    I'm sure the guy leading the operation is a nice guy, but he had no control of his men and took far to long to get into the kill zone.

    I'd have left a squad of 4 troops in the rear as medics and have rest of the platoon storm the enemy position, leaving casualty on the ground for the medic squad. Set up a base of fire & suppressed the enemy with pepper pot & flanking missions.. Just saying..

  9. David Scott says:

    Could I play this game from a laptop?

  10. Lucas Besser says:

    Can you do a "How to download and use Arma 3 WWII" video? And my 2nd question…XD… there any servers with this mod?

  11. awesome! absolutely epic

  12. Alohaberry says:

    This mod looks great, well done! Btw, are they any aircrafts in this?

  13. Titan Red X says:

    Oh man, The D-Day mission never worked for me in Iron Front, wonder how it would look in Arma 3. Maybe we'll see something like that soon.

  14. lol @10:11… last name is brownstar….. lol chocolate starfish

  15. I'm just going to throw it out there that the Russians did win ww2. No matter what you say about the U.S or B.R Can. The Russians won.

  16. What are your arma 3 settings?

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