Armageddon 2016 End of Days , The New World Order plans for 2015 ( LIT )


RUSSIA begin war ??? Must watch : How Illuminati destroy …


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  1. Kacey says:

    You keep changing your dates on the title. Keep moving it up a year or two bc your predictions never come true.

  2. Don'trip says:

    Sep23or 26 Ooopsss didn't happen don't belive stuff on YouTube but I do belive that the end of the world will come one day we don't know the time and hr but we all must be read. go to church read the bible. Have faith in jesus and jehova. If u read the bible it Say God is Jehova Catholics bible Jehova witnesses bible what dose that tell you every1? Wake up!!! People. Dosnet natter what religion u in just have faith. and go to church.

  3. random pig says:

    oh shut up you probebly do every thing you say is bad like fun

  4. Noticed how armagedon is postponed every year since Jesus birth! The clock not jet started ticking again.When does, we have 7 years until end days.

  5. Jesus is Jewish yet killed by Jews wow was he Jewish or……?

  6. SeeEmPunk says:

    Bullshit does not become chocolate no matter how many times you repeat saying it.

  7. brian watson says:

    please tell me which god are you on about??????

  8. they make it every year and say it's end of world but the truth is (there is end but no one know when) it's will come in sudden and we are all know every start there is end for it in our world nothing stay forever and the end will happen not because of people.

  9. THEpAnda 4U says:

    Do not listen to these false prophets, the will be judged and punished along with anyone who believes them. The Lord said that only he knows. These people have been trying to predict this since the beginning of time I would assume. All being wrong. Remember all the hype about September 24th? YOU ARE BEING FOOLISH.

  10. fake not true they would of told us every year they say its the end of the world and it never is mabe in 100000 years but not now

  11. the only way there are sudden events is world war 3

  12. How much shit …. Every religion that made synergy from the ROMAN Catholic Church (that is to say: all Western Christianity) is distorted, which equals ANTI CHRISTIAN. I do not know about Orthodox Christians making genocidal inquisitions, participating in genocidal and marauding crusades, participating in genocidal and marauding foreign colonizations, participating in African's slavering trades (the Jews greatly profited directly managing this type of trade). Truth hurts…

  13. THOMSON MARK says:

    love your video god bless you

  14. cheekymonkey says:

    this lady is totally for the new world order she thinks that when the old world order collapses (on purpose) then we will all rush to the new without question. Who do you think will have all the gold in this new eastern hegimony?

  15. the woman's voice sounds beautiful and soothing. it's very distracting?

  16. It's Illuminati Propaganda.

  17. Emmanuel Nya says:

    URGENT, URGENT, URGENT!! A Must Watch Video! Be Informed & Saved NOW!! **Please, pass this video to those you care about.

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