“Armageddon” Russian Convoy Practices For World War 3


Russian 400 vehicles travel along the border with Russian Intercontinental Nuclear Missiles http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also Help Us Spread The Word …


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  1. The Lord was warning us about this sins the 80s, oh and by the way the Russian are all ready on our soil ask Dimitri Duduman.

  2. Richard says:

    yes brother Begley this is a space War so let me ask you what do you think the rod of iron that he will rule with?

  3. Richard says:

    pretty sure they want to go with Neutron bombs not nuclear bombs

  4. You're talking about the event sixth angel sounded when it is beneficial for the situation. At other times you deny that earlier were.

  5. Thank youMJBB33. Armageddon is the war between Satan and God which happens 7 years after the signing of the Middle East Peace Treaty. WWII will happen prior to this

  6. Matt C says:

    If there is nuclear war, then who says you're going to be raptured out? We haven't hit the tribulation period yet, so all the pre-tribbers can still be right and be dead.

  7. jayndris says:

    the Bible is accurate

  8. k odu says:

    Americans are busy discussing Transgender Bathrooms where men dress like women in order to become voyeurs with Obama`s support. Japan attacked Pearl harbour after sanctions and oil embargo were imposed on her. Japan would have nuked America if they had the nuke. Today America has imposed crippling sanctions on Russia with oil prices at an all-time low. Once again Americans are partying and debating gay, Lesbian and transgender issues.

    Every prophecy I have heard about Russia clearly shows they are going to attack the US. Obama will have his third term.Putin will not wait for Obama`s four more years. I would not live in America`s coastal areas like NY, California etc.

  9. Paul Cameron says:

    SUPER RUSSIA good that you respond aggressively against US dominated NATO; the CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX righteous nation is the Russian federation: GOD protect President Putin and the Russian people

  10. JesusWarLord says:

    are you wearing a Pokémon T-shirt @pB ? ?

  11. E Currie says:

    WW3 kills 1/3 of the worlds population that is currently 2+ billion ppl. It hasn't happened yet but the stage is being set. The Psalm 83 war stage is being set and at some point Israel gets to build her third temple. Then the 3 1/2 year tribulation occurs and at the end Armageddon will happen. That is when King Jesus leads His army to fight for Israel and he is more than victorious. The carnage yet to happen is very scary. Lord help us.

  12. Mike Smith says:

    Breaker 19 we got ourselves a convey, common good buddy LOL

    It's called mobile ICBM, probably with MRV

  13. Damien Moye says:

    Also, keep in mind most of the Euphrates River is dried up, and has been for years.

  14. bob murphy says:

    Nato is the one instigating everything.

  15. Jewish Temple was destroyed on Av 7-9. That would be August 11-13 in 2016. Could that be when the Gog/Magog War occurs? We shall see.

  16. I can hear some of your videos and not others making me upset it's not my sound. Any ideas??????????

  17. bibristik says:

    хуйню несешь дядька, лечись епт. Хотя я ни хера неопнимаю что ты там несешь. Небоейсь очердную голивудскую херню в стиле русские терминаторы вернулись в прошлое что бы убить кала риза.! =

  18. November 11th we are going to see severe signs

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