Armageddon World War 3 – End Times Prophecies Fulfilled – Scary

19 I’m not particularly religious ( although I believe in a supreme creator ) , but I thought that this video has some good points .


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  1. TheTRANNACK says:

    Why have you so much hate within yourself?i also had hatred within myself before i was saved & Christ released me from bondage to these spiritually & physically destructive thoughts.They like a parasite which destroys from within,but you can let go & be free.Trust me you will feel better for it.

  2. man…save you preching to the brainless believers…only a sick person would take this BS for fact….

  3. TheTRANNACK says:

    Thats exactly why Jesus came,for the sick.The fact is all that the old testament prophets foretold are now coming to fruition & have so for some time now gradually gathering momentum. ,

  4. TheTRANNACK says:

    The only way i can prove it to you is by you first asking Christ into your heart.What have you got to lose?A simple prayer is all it takes & i can PROMISE you wont regret it.

  5. keithktam says:

    when i go to hell, i would probably find you standing right beside me, joke one you!

  6. TheTRANNACK says:

    Then lets pray for salvation so that neither of us end up there.

  7. spezow1234 says:

    This video is a load of shit an most of your information is false as fuck.

  8. MrWeizy says:

    what is the damn song. in the intro

  9. God hates fags..but he loves everyone equally…? That doesn't really make sense if you think about it. Also not everyone has the same religion as you. So, keep it to yourself please.

  10. fsmtdaler says:

    The Battle of Har Meggido occurred in 1817 with General Allenby, if full knowledge of Scripture. Google for information This Battle was critical to defeat the Turks after 400 years of cruel rule. So this phase has closed. The Jews have returned to Israel. Much more has already happened, and it began in 1844 when the Edict of Toleration was signed allowing religious freedom, eventually opening the door for Jewish return and settlement…

  11. 13Gangland says:

    @spezow1234 hiding from the truth only makes you a coward

  12. TheTRANNACK says:

    God loves EVERYONE not EVERYTHING.its the THINGS people do that separate them from him.homosexuality is an ABOMINATION read your bible.Christ is the only way to salvation so STAY AWAY from these FALSE religions you say people are following.

  13. These propecys dont work so well in Sweden, everything is normal here and will be for as long as I live

  14. kolyan mamay says:

    The war will begin with China – China will attack Russia and Kazakhstan, the Chinese will not stop the Russian and Chinese will go to the west of the Urals. Jews destroyed Russia and a buffer between Europe and China is not.

  15. silcent14 says:

    no no no people. listen to this. if you look at the news and the bible it will all straighten out. Israel is going to stand alone in this war. with the help of Russia, Syria and about 10 other countries are gonna be against Israel. but Israel is not going to wait for the first hit. and to prove it, Syria has just received and is in possession of a deadly, chemical, bomb from Russia. if Syria use that against Israel, that's it for them. But it foretells in the bible, God is going to b with israel

  16. Papara132 says:

    Really u believe what u say…. there are hundreads and hundreads of games which are involved with magic and extreme violence and much more. The RFID chip is used in America to locate your small children with gps device. This is very frustating if u can thing that they want to revert cash and coins into plastic money and they will be able to disable ur card if u do something they dont want to…

  17. Morgen Vade says:

    I think that there are alot of writings that say we will win WWIII and have a golden age. It would be a mistake to be certain of that. I think that we have to face the possibility that the Muslims are going to win. They are going to rally their numbers and they will bully, rape and butcher their way to power by using domestic Muslims. The Quran expects every Muslim to fight the jihad when the Mahdi comes, these people are willing to blow up their own children.

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