Arnold Schwarzenegger and Body Building : Documentary on Body Building with Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Body Building : Documentary on Body Building with Arnold Schwarzenegger. …


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  1. Chris shoop says:

    Pretty much the height of the sport, Bodybuilders today looks like crap (GH usage really destroyed the sport)

  2. Whoever believes Arnold deserved this win is a moron. His back was flatter than a ironing board. His abs were nowhere comparable to Frank Zanes. Also his size & conditioning was shit in comparison to his 1975 physique in pumping iron. In my opinion Zane had the best balanced and conditioned physique against Mentzer and Arnold. Also Tom Platz got fucked big time, his physique was way ahead of its' time.

  3. não é 480 p nem de longe. nem 144 p

  4. the old school machines are the best.

  5. Brano Horak says:

    neunzehn du schwein

  6. Bodybuilding in my opinion has regressed over recent years due to the fact a lot,if not all,have disgusting physiques from over indulgence in GH! pregnant looking men with muscles has taken away everything beautiful about bodybuilding so much so that it is really just a freak show not to mention Phil Heath being a very poor advocate for the sport.The classic "Arnie physique"is what inspired most to bodybuilding and is a thing of the past.

  7. InfoNation says:

    hi cool channel got a new subscriber

  8. but if they took steroids they should have lost hair but look at arnold and that blonde dude they got all strong that and defined beautiful hairlin and hair!!! Any one can explaine me why??

  9. lex mark says:

    oh they also don't eat as much as they did back then where's the food supposed to go I mean it goes in your stomach but it's still gotta be digested right so you eat 10 meals a day or 7 meals a day versus a 5 meal a day which they did back then I think what where you think all that food goes doesn't take a genius to figure it out

  10. arnold is a true champion..
    even today 2016
    no one can achieve this type of body balance and perfection..
    look at his confidence..I have never seen this type of confidence by any other in bodybuilding….
    the way of posing the body is unbelievable…top class
    arnold is a legend

  11. Tony Mattos says:

    I herd Arnold purposely changed the backdrop to black smart motherfucker ???

  12. Andre Santos says:

    esse cara eh dms lutou pelos seus objetos eh chegou onde chegou muita gente contra ele mas ele enfrentou barreiras it taiii um mr.universse ???

  13. ///AMG says:

    Wished they posed like this now. New school posing looks silly as fuck lol

  14. Khaled Ahmed says:

    this film same total rebuild in 1980

  15. Mike Mentzer is the best

  16. Hamzi Tiger says:

    That jeff seid spotting Arnold though !

  17. CORSAIR001 says:

    Des pixels en H.D Merci

  18. Too much HGH and insulin now. The great bodybuilders of those days had the small waists, and were able to create the vacuum with their stomachs to make them flat. The guys now have the didtended pregnant took, and are bloated looking.

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