Arrival: A Response To Bad Movies


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27 Responses

  1. To the critics, I would argue that this is no sci-fi movie. Sure the premise of time travel is all scientific and everything, the plot was predictable and easy even, especially if you've watched a lot of anime that mindfucks with dimension travel much much deeper.. But Arrival to me is grounded to philosophical questions and human emotions much more than I care abt the technicalities of plot. This isn't a clever twist in the sense you don't see it coming, but quietly brilliant when you consider how plot, form, concepts and themes all pivot at the reveal to become circular. This is why the start and end, even definite answers to questions don't really matter; everything flows together as one. You walk away thinking abt philosophical questions with no real answers the film asks abt free will, knowledge and power in the same way. After all, a fullstop would only make something linear and lock it down into a oversimplified form when it actually is so much more. In the human quest to understand more, we often try too hard to define in terms we already understand. Isn't that another circular paradox?

  2. maha nadir says:

    It was a very interesting movie and very well done but the ending left me unsatisfied. The non-linear language idea was ingenious but the aliens give the gift that will save them 3000 years later to only one woman? The movie worked better as a study into language and combined human anxiety when faced with danger. If any of you have ever watched doctor who, you probably be won't surprised by the "twist"

  3. Your channel is amazing ??

  4. Movies is just like any business, why improve when the shitty ones are selling just as good? Its not about art or story telling anymore

  5. Pauses don't make your content more profound.

  6. Linguists: what's up with this way of speaking? the guys of vsauce sound similar.

  7. westie18 says:

    All I know is I saw the twist coming down the pike way before it came. I've seen stuff like this before. "Lost" did something like it. I wasn't all that impressed, but I appreciate the effort.

  8. Lelen T says:

    Whats the song you use in the first minutes? I have heard it before but I cant simply figure out where its from

  9. Derek C says:

    Denis Villeneuve is one of the best directors working today. I can't wait to see his Blade Runner sequel.

  10. Language defines the limits of your culture. Those limits are broken or reshaped by art. Art is the exploration of new meaning. It is then given words and established as the new limit. Take impressionism, not part of the established official culture and language when created, it was poorly understood and rejected. Today it is a defining moment in Western cultural history.

  11. Joseph Ross says:

    Arrival is a love story wrapped in scifii to trick men into watching it.

  12. My Philosophy professor saw the movie. He loved it and was able to appreciate its depth. But there is one question he wondered, "If the main character used her future experience as the guide for her action in the present, would that mean she lost her freedom as a human being ?"

  13. Kable says:

    You know what? Why american movies have to always make china and russia look the bad guys? Continues propaganda while in reality only america is the one doing damage and fucked up middle east for decades.

  14. GordoNLuv says:

    If you think this movie is deep and enlightening to you, it just means you've never read any philosophy/psychology in your life.
    Its an OK movie, portraying millennium old ideas that should be apparent to a 3 year old.

  15. GredyReid says:

    Amazing video! Wow! Loved so much!

  16. 6:30 I hate my mind for being able to see that the CGI of those aliens are rendered at low FPS….

  17. Eduardo says:

    I didn't really like this movie though… xD

  18. i loved this movie so much!

  19. This video is great. Arrival is my favorite movie of 2016, and you did a great job explaining it more, and talking about other aspects of the film. I loved the twist in the movie.

  20. Mayank Kumar says:

    this movie really requires audience to remember dialogues from the beginning throughout the movie, failing to which movie becomes difficult to comprehend. And after movie is almost over you go back to figuring out what early part of the movie meant. That, apart from the glorious correlation between language and time is what makes it a fascinating movie.

  21. What was the name of the song in the background?

  22. Arrival, a brilliant movie with absolutely wonderful soundtracks!

  23. kocka4 says:

    if aliens was so smart in this movie , why they didnt understood our language before we understood theirs ?
    instead of their signs they could draw our letters

  24. Ky Walk says:

    I'll never forget looking around after the credits rolled in the theater. NO ONE MOVED. I couldn't help but belt out, "WOW!" which I noticed kind of snapped us all out of the trance this beautiful film placed on all of us. Every aspect of this film was deeply moving and important. I feel this movie will grow in meaning as many continue to come back to it over the years. I know it will with me. Great breakdown, Nerdrodamus! Love what you're doing; keep at it.

  25. music at the beginning ?

  26. arda iyiiş says:

    please add eng subtitles

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