ARRIVAL International Trailer 2 (2016)


Official “Arrival” Movie Trailer 2 2016 | Subscribe ➤ | Amy Adams Movie #Trailer | Release: 11 Nov 2016 …


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  1. Looks cool.  I'm guess the twist here is not about setting the humans against each other, or uniting them, but that the aliens themselves are having a civil war and some of them are asking for help.  The "Half Egg" shape of the spaceship is certainly getting at something, anyway.

  2. gbdasf says:

    on 1:56 is a fake video. China only has one aircraft carrier :P

  3. Fun Boy says:

    yep n they both go to another planet, coz hou know we destroyed this pristene earth n all that….

  4. spider879 says:

    Yeah but the UN supposed to speak for us all at this point, don't they have a meet and greet for that.

  5. Red Sniper says:

    Barton get a damn bow and shoot those Alien outta sky like you did before!

  6. Enox Einox says:

    they just wants us to believe that there is an other type of life out of earth . we didn't even discover 70% of the oceans creatures . but i think it will be an other damn good stupid movie to be watched

  7. Hawk Eye and Louis Lane team up.

  8. Grizz Grizz says:


  9. Jimmy Smith says:

    Female lead , no thanks , looks weak

  10. Is this not the remake to The Arrival from 1996? It seems like the same movie with tweaks here and there.

  11. MC_Pablo says:

    dont worry "Hawkeye will save the day ;D

  12. Zyga Sokól says:

    aliens… hahahahaha … ufo…. bahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Noseefood says:

    where is charlie sheen?

  14. america saves the world. lol

  15. Kelly Mahon says:

    Looks like a bore. zzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. All these alien movies coming out…guess they have to prepare you somehow.

  17. looks familiar….contact….epoch….etc

  18. Based on a true story.

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