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AngryJoe, OtherJoe and Angerbeard review the intelligent sci-fi Arrival, will it blow your mind? Find out! Shirts/Stuff ▻ Twitch …


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  1. Grant Hoerr says:

    A 7?!?! This movie was a easy 10 for me personally

  2. take cricket back to philadelphia dammit

  3. Angerbeard has it right: it was a book (a short story in an anthology). It's called "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang. That story is really different though. It is told in the form of a letter from Dr Banks' to her unborn daughter.

  4. You need to have some shallow super heroes and non stop action to satisfy AJ.

  5. Jet Luo says:

    One question, if she learns the last words of general's wife by listening to the general's reminding words in the future, why would she need to listen to general's remind in the future in the first place? Because she learns the words now, that means she should remember those words in the future and thus doesn't need to be reminded by the General. Bang!!!!!! Explosion

  6. You really missed a lot about this movie. You should read up on the Reddit official discussion thread for it. It points out a lot.


    Guys, the movie was not confusing at all.
    The aliens knows the future. They knew that a bomb had been planted and that one of them was going to die, but their mission was to deliver information and to ensure cooperation humans. It was a willing sacrifice by the Aliens.
    The line delivered by Louise at the end explains it all: "If you knew your whole life from end-to-end, would you still do it?". It is also the reason she chooses to live her life as we've seen in the flashforwards and the reason hawkeye leaves, she knew their daughter would die such a horrible death and Louise already knew he'd do that.

  8. Theyownyou says:

    Pretty honest review and my wife and I very much agree that it was worth seeing once, but maybe not again after that. The non linear time aliens remind me of the Prophets from the wormhole in DS9. The episodes where Sisko has to try and explain to them not only what the restrictions of time are, but the very existence of time itself. It makes for some interesting sci-fi of course.

  9. Michael Lena says:

    you guys suck at reviewing movies.

  10. Rafa Moss says:

    The alien ships didn't produce any waste or effecting the environment around it they were showing humans what we could live like it we communicated better.

  11. Haliel says:

    14:13 its falls behind cuz its not a action movie? wtf? This was easily the best sci-fi film in 2016.

  12. asia911 says:


    The alien "Abbott" knew he was going to die so the future already been written. Time is non-linear to them.

  13. Bodros Danut says:

    I give this movie a 9/10. The message it conveys at the end is worth a million words.

  14. SenatorXL says:

    Youre giving this a 7/10 because its not an action movie… so dissapointed

  15. Adam Timmo says:

    Wow, Joe actually gave this movie the same rating as Batman v Superman. I'm finished with his channel.

  16. Fistro Man says:

    Alien knows the future, they know that some stupid soldiers will put a bomb in their ship. Like her, that knows her daughter will die, they ¿¿"choose"?? "live that moments", that moments are a piece in a complicated machine called time.

    They said "we need you in 3000 years". For they, was a living or dead mission…like us, some of them knows that mission will kill them (abot), but they decide their civilization is more important than their life.

    Like the chinesse general, they need "incept" (yeah, Inception reference) us, because we need 3000 years to be usefull for them.

    Sum Zero bussiness. They "incept" us in the past and the chinesse general incept her in the future… but it's the same, because time is not linear.

    Abot it's a hero, for humanity and for his kind.

  17. when she was talking to Chinese leader I turned to my friend and said " he will give her some information only he would know and she is going to call him "

  18. Fistro Man says:

    You know.. aliens really were SEXTAPODS… if you know what i mean….

  19. Afari Jafari says:

    Just came back from the movie. I'm really excited to see it!

  20. Angry Joe and friends disappointed at the lack of action in an engaging, cerebral, Denis Villeneuve movie? Shocker.

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