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  1. Maxx Nieves says:

    I really liked it, I only had 1 issue with a certain paradox that arises that could have easily been avoided but it's not bad enough to derail it. Maybe spoilers, sort of, but the aliens remind me of the Leviathans from Mass Effect and I couldn't help but think they want humans to help them take down the Reapers lol.

  2. Jia L. says:

    Here is an honest review from a common bloke like me: ITS BORING IF YOU PREFER BLOWING SHIT UP.

    Seriously, its not a party movie, its more like a movie you sit and enjoy like a book.

  3. Signs was pure shit

  4. saw it today and i have to say…wow!!… this movie is fucking shit

  5. incendies is the best!

  6. Just saw it. I loved it!

  7. ZZZ YYY says:

    Everything he said is spot on. Crazy how accurate he was about the movie. I felt the same but he explains it perfectly

  8. This movie is a huge masterpiece, way better than Sicario. Until now my favorite movie from Villeneuve was Incendies, but Arrival has changed that.

  9. DoubleDCZE says:

    Best film 2016. Love sci-fi.

  10. Penny29 says:

    The scenes with a sleeping baby were so beautiful and sad at the same time,it brought me to tears.

  11. Ibaorimi says:

    I was in it for the first 30-40mins but it kinda fell apart for me in the latter half of the second act. All that setup for nothing.

  12. Thought it was good. Worth watching but man its to over-rated imo. At least a B.

  13. Spoiler alert this movie is shit.

  14. Logesh Waran says:

    i give this movie D-

  15. mrmvpvip says:

    I don't think this movie is promoting "Hollywood" value of globalism or the message behind is cliche. Instead, it reveals to us a rather grim reality of how we can't change the past, present or future because there're no distinction between them as the outcome mustn't change in a deterministic universe. All other films have been telling us how the future is in our hands and we humans have the power to change it while this movie goes to the opposite direction. Usually people feel empowered after watching a movie but this one makes me feel so small and incompetent in face of something we can't change. Amy Adams deserves an Oscar for her performance as her emotions are subtle but still very strong. It's so poignant that she knows she's gonna suffer from heartbreak eventually when her daughter dies but also by embracing this definite future, she can experience the love and joy of the birth and life of Hannah. Simply amazing.

  16. G. Arslan says:

    by processing he means he had to goodle for answers.

  17. Nick Andreas says:

    I loved this film! One of my favorite films of 2016!

  18. Zo Ho says:


  19. Yes you definitely need to process this movie. My take on it is that she can tell the future from the past while living in the present. I think I got that right.

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