Arrival of the Queen of Sheba – G.F. Händel – Saint Martin-church Dudelange


Live-registratie van Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Sinfonia uit oratorium Solomon van Georg’ Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) door Gert van Hoef, tijdens de …


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  1. I love this rendering. Sensitive but exclamatory when needed, a little playful? Great acoustic. Great also to see the footwork. Thanks!

  2. delindehof says:

    De nikes zijn weg!

  3. 9867432 says:

    Zo rijk alsof we een orkestrale versie hoorden!

  4. J wtg says:

    I keep coming back to this one. It is so well presented on a great organ and perfect registration, in my humble opinion.

  5. this is just pure  music on a church organ pure magic

  6. This is my overall favourite piece of classical music , and Gert , i can honestly say without a doubt this is the best ever performance of this much loved classic. I adore this classical piece and you played this without a flaw. A FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE . I would really love you to play at my wedding when i eventually get married. I have also subscribed to your channel. THIS WAS JUST A PLEASURE TO LISTEN TO . Keep up the wonderful playing. Love ya hunnie <3

  7. How can anyone be that young and have such a masterful technique? Awesome.

  8. wat een prachtige uitvoering van dit prachtige lied!

  9. ThePearsch says:

    Committed to memory… good job!

  10. One word – perfect!

  11. Ron Rozen says:

    The bes perfomance i saw in a long while, Haendel would be exited about it I guess.

  12. To Ka says:

    Einfach Klasse, wäre schön wenn es Konzerte in Deutschland geben würde.

  13. Jhr. Humphrey. Prachtig gespeeld,Merci.

  14. Emiel Visser says:

    Wow. You were made for this organ, and this organ was made for you. Dit is al de…ste keer dat ik dit beluister, en het verveelt nog geen moment! Dank je wel.

  15. Wspaniałe,perfekcyjne wykonanie.Wielkie brawa!

  16. wotcher85 says:

    This master needs a new page turner.

  17. oskar rom says:

    muy chingon….!!

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