ARRIVAL Trailer 2 (2016) Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner Sci-Fi Movie


Official Arrival Trailer 2 – 2016 Movie | Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker Subscribe for New Trailers: Visit: …


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  1. Aliens got bigger Dildos then Japan… I'm shocked…..I guess they came to Earth to seek for the Energizer Bunny…Aliens: Ran out of Power. O for bunny drum….Help us … Need charging!

  2. DZiT al says:

    Old movie in a new shell. Not worth watching. Moreover no mention of India and Indian Ocean instead of other countries is really sad. India is a vast and a powerfull coountry and one day it will overcome everyone.

  3. Marvel ID says:

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  4. Just saw this movie.  Sci Fi fans should not miss this!!  Wonderful!!!   Close Encounters now has a sister.

  5. Siska Moran says:

    2:25 ] A R R I V A L 2 0 1 6
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  6. Mass aliens ? coming to Earth would be awesome!

  7. Boring, shit movie with shit music.

  8. Time Heist says:

    i dont know why people are having such a hard time understanding this movie! the woman does not have super powers, the aliens gave her the ability to experience space and time the way they do, the aliens dont live in our space and time as we do, thats why the ships do what they do and the aliens live in the conditions they do

  9. she could have saved a lot of time ..jUST SHOW YOUR TITS . That is a universal sign for LETS PARTY .

  10. Nuke it and make America better .

  11. Kay Dash says:

    this movie smells like Stephen King though it's not a from one of those King's books

  12. gangadhar d says:

    why did aliens leave earth finally ? why did they came? why did they waste their time and fuel to come to earth ? why do that alien octopussie drew some rings what it means? they tried to tell some thing but louise did not understand it . despite drawing so many rings louise failed to understand. they got irritated and may have left. movie ends with louise drinking coffee.

  13. krunogo says:

    why aliens always have to be a monster with tentacles?

  14. Unmitigated "B" grade rubbish, if ever this were to happen,god help us if ever they landed in the USA where some crew cutted marine general would be placed in charge of negotiations ready to try out his new pop gun.

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