Arrivals – “drill baby drill ” Razorcake Records


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  1. merryprank says:

    Really liked the song and the message. I wish you all the luck in the world Arrivals!

  2. TodayIPlayRs says:

    love it ^^ And i'm sure i'm not the only one ^^, "TY for lyrics" 😀

  3. crassisdead says:

    Great band. This is perhaps the most genius music video ever!

  4. kitty cat says:

    hmmm… this imagery seems somewhat… familiar….
    OH. that's right.

  5. BlankTV says:

    Here here!!


  6. @peteyank I think it's meant to be "Cease the day" thats the irony of it.

  7. No rest until they make good with the people of the Gulf region and find a way to disperse this mess without poisonous exhaust.

  8. @Eusebish you sure it is?

  9. composerdoh says:

    A friend told me about this (thanks Eus) did you make this vid?
    If so, where'd you get the footage?
    Speaking of dispersants and all that- you should watch this guy:

    And on a purely craft note- I esp. love how the writer puts in that little pause before the end of each verse- before "ah, but there was no money in that" etc.

    Whoa. Nice touch. Very subtle writing.

  10. chris says:

    @Eusebish haiti? who the hell is that??

  11. @Eusebish lmao I love how sarcastic that comment was

  12. Does it make me a little bitch if some of the footage makes me tear up a little bit

  13. composerdoh says:

    @NoTalentSucks HAHAHA….

  14. DNRvideos says:

    fuck the system!!!!!

  15. disklamer says:

    …cease the day… or seize the day…?

  16. @disklamer Cease the day.

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