Arrivals Full Documentary ( MUST WATCH )


The Documentary Arrivals This is the complete dorcumentary arrivals , all parts of the episodes come in one. This series was created by Noreaga and …


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  1. Fantasy Numb says:

    What is the name of the video at 1: 32..I know it is a music video about going up in the morning and getting to you are a slave

  2. The Arrivals has really touched me deeply.  I am not religious, but am so relieved that the wonderful people who made this series are pushing for moderation, compassion, love, justice and goodness.  With those qualities, then we cannot be tempted, waylaid, mislead, or conquered by evil.   We need to be strong in those qualities and try to overcome our prejudices and pre-conceived, programmed mentalities.  thank you to the makers of the Arrivals.  Wonderful.  Just wonderful.

  3. MrTruth111 says:

    No sound??? That is great youtubians…

  4. The Arrivals "Video Yng Sangat Jelas Dan Terbukti"

  5. its funny how when you actually know whats going on the make it so hard to use technology hahahaha

  6. It's funny how people make comments and don't understand a simple documentary! Not only do they not understand the point being made in the documentary but they try to draw attention away from it as if they are swaying people away from the truth. Your job will be an up hill battle because only people who hate truth support the falsehood and people for truth will have their reward and degree over you.

  7. PSTRIPPLEE says:

    Their muted the video because of an audio track fucking bull shit more like because it spills a lot of beans that they dont want no one to hear

  8. There is no sound to this video??

  9. JERSEY NATE says:

    Am I the only one not getting sound?

  10. 0verdead says:

    can u please remove this video and reupload , its muted :(

  11. Sky Blue says:

    Shame that is has been muted, it contains nothing but the truth. A real eye opener of who the evil powers are and what they seek to achieve, don't be fooled!

  12. look at the triangle in the copyright warning , i think they forgot to include the eye !!

  13. laswan s. says:

    Due to copyright issues the audio is totally off!!!

  14. Rob D says:

    Up until now, Jesus and all the other prophets that have lived spoke the truth but we as imperfect human beings misinterpreted their message. It is why there is so much confusion among the world's major religions.The truth of life has finally been revealed clearly to us. Go on google type in "the truth contest" and click on the first result. Read the entry "The present with Religion".

  15. Youtube muted this video cos contained copyrighted. Whereas the copy righter doesn't mind if aired on Youtube. The question is……

  16. This video blocked by US government (youtube, google, NFL, ABC, NBC, Pfizer, ect. ect. ect.) FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!!

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