” Arrivals ” never before seen footage !


” Arrivals ” never before seen footage !


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  1. Dude .. people who listen to this guy are retards. He actually thinks that democracy is a good thing. So clearly he's a complete fucking retard with the knowledge of a newborn american inbreed with a tumor in the right part of the brain the size of a foot. So yeah, he's stupid as hell when it comes to how the world Should be.

  2. tonymers says:

    Dude…people who doesn't except the truth are retards. Everything this guy says is backed up by facts and documents, hr doesn't make staff up…

  3. tonymers says:

    islam=religion of death!!!

  4. tonymers says:

    Awesome Video!!! God Bless!!!

  5. clambarn says:

    You're right. I've never seen "fotage"

  6. Suna Sunar says:

    The Arrivals was best documentary made by Muslims. You guys are just jealous and use The Arrivals' name to get many reviews….its not realy working tho. Make your own original documentary with all Christianity lies….you know Islam is the truth!

  7. namcost says:

    so, "the only way to absolve you of sin is the blood of Christ" so as long as I drink lots of wine I'm good? i swear people are stupid. and even worse, where does one get Christs blood? where do drink from Jesus, sucking in his blood, anyone else find this WRONG?

  8. If you pull your head out of your ass you'll be able to spread the truth more efficiently.

  9. The movie THE ARRIVED now playing at youtube the next series after THE ARRIVALS

  10. RPdigital says:

    I have found few mistakes in this video,
    I believe we all have to find truth,
    so the mistakes are here:

    4:24 Quran 19:66 "And the disbeliever says, "When I have died, am I going to be brought forth alive?"
    – Sahih International translation

    (Disbeliever is mushrimi, not the Mohammed!)

    4:36 Quran 18:86 describes how he travelled to the west and when he arrived to the muddy water spring, where he found people. Translation of Yusuf Ali tells "murky water", other translation say "muddy water" or "dark water".

    5:03 Quran 4:89 tells not to take friends or helpers from these who have left islam, and you are missing the part "and let them go where God guides them", now if they come back, they come to trait you. Now Hovind's presentation is that anyone who does not want to convert to islam, will be killed.

    7:29 Quran 3:106-107 (105 is not about this context).
    It tells that on resurrection day some faces will be whitened and some faces will be darkened. The whitened faces will be saved and dakened faces will burn in hell. It never sayd that WHITE people will be saved and BLACK people will be in hell!

    15:40 Quran 5:36 There is no written that "Allah told Mohammed" anywhere in the text. The actaul text tells, that disbelievers will not be saved by the Resurrection on the Day of Resurrection. The text presented on this video about Quran 5:36 is total lie!

    15:55 Quran 47:4 "So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them, then make (them) prisoners, and afterwards either set them free as a favor or let them ransom (themselves) until the war terminates. That (shall be so); and if Allah had pleased He would certainly have exacted what is due from them, but that He may try some of you by means of others; and (as for) those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will by no means allow their deeds to perish."
    – Shakir translation

    Surah 47 is about Mohammed and fighting back the disbelievers. Notice that they are talking about smiting and then taking prisoners, not about killing them. Later leting them free, when the battle is over.

  11. johnrb88 says:

    No doubt in a couple of million years from now, the dominant species on earth will most likely be cockroaches, due to humans having successfully wiped themselves out……I imagine a couple of the creationist cockies trying to convince their mates about how the world is really only 5000 roach years old…..and how God made Roach in his image…..and the son of God was born of a virgin Roach…..meanwhile, Mother Nature marches on, chuckling…

  12. Mido decart says:

    Mr. Kent, I admired your talk about about the theory of evolution and the big bang. I liked how you were trying to commit yourself to logic and science. However, the way you talk about Islam and the Quran is absurd. You clearly have no idea what the Quran is and didnt bother to thoroughly read it before you make such silly and shallow claims about it.

    For instance, all the Quranic verses regarding war is only concerned with defensive war, the quran clearly states that killing is strictly forbidden except for self defence. This idea is very clear to whoever reads the Quran a whole, not just picks qoutes out of context.

    This is a sad reality, amost nobody likes the whole truth , you say the truth when you criticize materialism, but neglect it when you criticize Islam. You challenge Athiests and evolutionsts to refute your claims, because you do have the upper hand. However, in your views about Islam, I can easily prove you false in reference to the text of the Quran.

  13. PANKI_7 says:

    27:32 they did this to Serbians in Srebrenica! And now they telling Serbians killing them!

  14. Quoc Nguyen says:

    These bitches in videos talking about if not Muslim u or dead because these MF will kill u, what kinds BS is this coming out these fuck up people's is just full bullshits … We or really for all yall MF and u dies where u stand bitchs. We do this the VC sytle..

  15. Poseidon63 says:

    Kent Hovind Convicted felon and Liar Showing Us Once Again Why He Is So Stupid, Ignorant and delusional

  16. David Rice says:

    F… Islam, what a bs religion… and they're people are ugly

  17. bro you must be dumb as hell

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