Arrivals Official Promo Trailer- truth about the Illuminati !!! ( DRAGON 4EVER21 )


The Arrivals DVD from decision WakeUpProject team DVD is a series of 51 Part investigating religious scriptures relate the Antichrist …


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  1. DRAGON4EVA21 says:

    This is just a preview of what the DVD has to offer.

    Buy it from link given in description.

  2. really….. a fucking monsters inc. movie is "evil"?

  3. DRAGON4EVA21 says:


    Yes, you'll be surprised who really owns this world and what they attend to do to it and the people living in it.

  4. pricture says:

    I understand this, and agree with most of it, but theres nothing wrong with imagination 😛

  5. inshaALAH watch the movie The Arrivals then the movie The Arrived by hashemstudioscom

  6. this is frightening. God please protect us.

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