Arrivals Part 2 ( proof of arrival of the Antichrist )


This series explores the revelations of the religions of the world with regard to the arrival of the Antichrist Dajjal , Imam Al – Mahdi , and The Second Coming of Christ .


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  1. BadManFifi says:

    Because one eye or a eye with a triangle around it is the symbol of the illuminati and they are very satanic and have many connections with evil stuff like black magic etc

  2. Bm Stat says:

    Just to clarify…
    Who you view as "anti christ" will differ depending to your religion.
    If you read the bible, the man described as anti christ is the islamic mahdi in quran.
    the quran dajjal, in the bible is jesus.

    The quran and bible are COMPLETELY opposite in this respect.
    so im not sure why you cite the bible and quran as both agreeing.
    they do not.

    Not trying to stir up conflict but look it up for yourself.
    John MacArthur has a good video on it.

  3. adka datka says:


  4. robmashuk says:

    To the person stating imam Mahdi and Jesus yes imam Mahdi is mentioned to come to show that the dajjal is the anticrist. And that Jesus will be coming back to reveal the truth. Don't quote me on this. This is mention both in the bible and the holy Quran.

  5. TweakSaan says:

    I have a question. So his fitnah is already here. But after the arrival of Imam Mahdi (as) will be when he takes his physical form and we can see him? Is this the case?

  6. history channel belong to them ?

  7. Rhapzodic says:

    From what I know the mahdi according to Islam, will work with Isa (Jesus) to rid of the anti-christ.

  8. TVAMFM says:

    The Arrivals is clearly one of the best and well produced series on end time events I've ever seen. It is correct on many levels. What makes it so ironic is that the series itself is anti-Christ and is designed to deceive. It clearly promotes Allah (Islam) and Islam cannot be compared to Christianity on any level. Jesus warned that even the elect would be deceived before his coming. Watch the series…but know its true meaning is to have you follow Islam and not Christ.

  9. eden mamo says:

    All bullshit Zion mentioned in the bible

  10. What happened to commonsense?

  11. Sally Jradi says:

    This is too scary…!!!

  12. Mark Ridings says:

    What a load of shit….

  13. this looks like it was made by an anti smoking group half the video is showing logos on cig boxes smh it dosent discredit this video or its message but it could have been done better good video tho compelling stuff

  14. your such a moron have you read any of them no dajjal means lair and jesus is massih in qur an

  15. at last a guy who undersantds

  16. and btw the qur an says that jesus is a prophet

  17. bible & qur'an says the truth which is the same so STFU and make sure of ur news

  18. and we meet again 144p

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