Arrivals Part 23 ( materialism and the battle inside ) – Malay Sub


A documentary about the way the Antichrist / Dajjal , Imam Mahdi and the second coming of Jesus ( Nabi Isa ) . A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. religious not a devil. the person whom carry it is a devil. such a dick. islam is the truth. muhammad his passanger and allah is the greatest. one day islam will conquer the world. inshaallah. allahuakhbar.

  2. Andy Rizz says:

    @farhan05ify It is evil. Tell me, does God tell us to love or to hate? How is it your perfect God tells you nutjobs to strap dynamite to yourselves with the express purpose of blowing up women and kids? That is an act of pure evil and hate, not of God. Only a tyrant believes he can take over the world, and Islam is full of tyrants. Jesus Christ is the only God, Muhammed was just a man full of sin. You have all be orrupted and twisted by an oppressive cult religion. Islam does the Devils work.

  3. Omaq Bidin says:

    the person who called islam is stupid.. is the person who still unplugged his blindness of the truth.. there has been lot of the truth that revealed from scientific discovery to proved that islam the one true religion… u are busted deeply in ur stupidity.. release urself …

  4. @rizz917 just wait n see. one day u will say ur apology to all muslims. insyallah. open ur eye dude. we're no longer live in a cave. seek the truth. muhamad is his passenger and allah is the greatest.

  5. Andy Rizz says:

    @farhan05ify Yeah, I'm sure Muhamad is proud of the slaughter of innocent women and kids. Mohamad tells you to commit suicide? Kiil as many infidels as possible? Thanks, but no thanks. You can keep your mohamad.

  6. @rizz917 ahahaha. its called 'jihad' dude. did u know why all this things happen.? bcause there's a plenty people like u out there. open ur eye dude. did jesus ask u to kill all da people in lebanon,palastine? u need to seek the truth. did u think 9/11 was the muslim did it.? watch the arrival till da last part okay. peace be upon u.

  7. Andy Rizz says:

    @farhan05ify I dont care what you call it. I call it a bunch of guys who are hard up from lack of women, frustrated, and oppressed from a tyrannical religious cult called Islam. They tell you to go and kill yourself, and as many people as possible, and Mohamad will give you 72 virgins. What fools you are! They get you to blow yourselves up, to become murderers, and promise you the one thing you are forbidden to have here on Earth, Women. It's absolute genius, and you believe it. Amazing.

  8. Sam Glinzia says:

    @rizz917 the virgins are made up, there is no such thing as that in quran, there is one,but it says an angel, an angel in Islam doesn't have gender.
    No Muhammed never told us to kill non-Muslims, he said only if they fight you,otherwise you cant.And if you actually knew Islam you would know that Muhammed said only fight in battlefield, no women or children or anyone innocent.He only said fight the men who wanna fight you, its act of defence.Your lac of knowledge says it all

  9. material world supply hungry people with food

  10. Truth_Seeker says:

    @justicepartyuk ur probably the dumbest motherfucker on here….u athiest fuck……u think u better than someone cuz u were lucky enough to be born in a middle class home n a first world country……u must be white

  11. @outlaw21ryda is nuts

  12. @rizz91 past few days ago. did u know that american soldier kill a dozen of woman and child in afghanistan? the soldier is not a private, its a SARGEANT! such a fool. think before u say a word. Human being is not a perfect person. think!

  13. Andy Rizz says:

    @farhan05ify Really? If a bunch of Americans were going out regularly to slaughter innocent people, I could agree with you, but that's not the case. Just like Afghan soldiers are killing Americans, friggin cowards. Americans gave their lives to save Muslims in Yugolslavia and Croatia, never even got a thank you from you ingrates. Just face it, and admit it, you want so bad to be like Americans. You wish you were us, lol. We have Women galore, freedom of religion, and we're not oppressed.

  14. SpecailUnit says:

    well, said mate but no one wants to be like Americans… Because the land you live in is not even yours. Everything is just being looted from the other countries… United States is nothing compare to other cultures.

  15. Al Ameen says:

    Allah ( All? mighty GOD) said in the Quran: "Leave me to deal with him who I created alone". If you're a disbeliever you will never comprehend what that verse means until when it's too late. #repentsoon

  16. micahworld says:

    there is only one god and he sent his only begotten son jesus christ to save us all. jesus in king of all kings and any other so called god is a pagan god and is a very serious sin

  17. jay kay says:

    I've watched ALL your videos, and they have been great….UNTIL this one. Shows me that all you REALLY trying to do at the end of the day is promote Islam, which is the Devils religion, full stop. If u "truly" want to save yourself, and make it too heaven, you should put all your faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth –
    [[ John 14:6 ]] – Jesus saith unto him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me"

  18. ILsinglemom3 says:

    I can't see the English subtitles with that foreign language subtiltes running over it. 

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