Arrivals Part 25 ( The Antichrist Dajjal is here ) .avi


This series explores the revelations of the religions of the world with regard to the arrival of the Antichrist Dajjal , Imam Al – Mahdi , and second Coming of Christ .


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  1. TagzBloody says:

    i simply cant get anough of truth Keep uploading whatever you feel like please the words can not be spread enough brother

  2. lonedogism says:

    in the world of the blind ….the one eyed one is king…those that know do not say…those that say do not know.

  3. Akil Sawoky says:

    I also took the red pill

  4. 13l4CK says:

    blue pill for me

  5. aaronharun says:

    @zainuu163 regarding these years/ is it solar or lunar? as islamic calander is lunar

  6. adi stoyanov says:

    omg,omg,omg you know what is written in the bible ? in the joan part chapter 13-14 is written:"who doesn't have the mark of satan on his arm or forehead he shall not sell or buy and he will be supporeted from the others"

  7. adi stoyanov says:

    in 2010 tunis got invaded in2011 egypt and syria got invaded thanks to the facebook.

  8. thijsjong says:

    confirmation bias blah blah

  9. M Zaki says:

    Thanks for the great video. More proof that only evil comes from APARTHEID israel.

    BOYCOTT Apartheid israel.

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