Arrivals – Part 47 ( The Human free)


The Arrivals – Part 47 ( The Human free)


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  1. shamsham1983 says:

    US$ 1 = Singapore$ 1.3 …The time is very near

  2. noel17ist says:

    why the part 46 was blocked?
    please, some body give me answer?

  3. hellrazor82 says:

    @TurksagainstNWO not all because ppl like me already no im tryin to make change tellin friends, spreadin peace etc…. i cant just sit there and watch my friends get sucked into this trap. i try to help and change but more gotta do it

  4. yazafara says:

    @noel17ist they do Not want U to know the TRUTH and u better believe–dont listen to the nuts and losers here to try to put down this video–they r all losers–may they see themselves and their friends in hell

  5. yazafara says:

    i already see it–its the end of 2010 and us Dollar has lost so much of its value[-[the event is taking place—ITS HAPPENING EXACLTY LIKE HE PREDICTED

  6. Jews have nothing to do with all this…Israel maybe
    personally i believe that most of Jews are already against their systems and dont heat muslims or christians.
    satans are the ones controlling money with bilderberg and illuminati

  7. JwGacey1 says:

    I fear for senator Paul's life, I think they could try to assasinate him, first they will go after his caracter and if that doesn't work his life could be in grave danger.

  8. Che KhattaB says:

    @sweetdolly2010 car c est un films qui joue apropot de ça mon ami .

  9. @FFCS2009 No America allows you to have dual citizenships in many countries. I was born in another country and moved to America where I have lived for 14 years.

  10. Dnt Wry says:

    @sweetdolly2010 because the movie is about neo being shown the system for what it is and about him leaving the system

  11. Great vid. Sadly, a lot of people have become slaves of mass media mainly the tv. What happened to good old family time and playing sports for entertainment? They brought us peace, but t v while may be entertaining deeply brainwashes you. Kids should Just watch kid cartoons NOT from disney. Be preprared.

  12. KimWingz says:


    I agree you cant call all Jews Zionists. You can call the rich and powerfull Evil, though.

  13. @ellelaby123 I gess you get that right …now I see who's behinde all international problems…i see now whos behinde 33° who's behinde all evil…well, the only ones fighting for freedom are muslums…I feel sorry for everyone now

  14. @alexdespartdoom I agree with you as there's a renowned misconception between Jews and Israeli Zions as Israel – as you know – was founded based on religious and ethnic principles and that is the source of this famous misconception ..

  15. bogus455 says:

    part by part.i watch the comment from non Muslim..thier hate, hatred on Muslim, Islam..??WHY???…why so serious? to those who belief Jesus..once he back..he pray along with Mohammad II(imam Mahdi) he fight with imam mahdi…and those belief jesus..they all convert to Islam..together we fight the one eye man…MESSIAH…ok…that for now..bye..see you in the fight..k.

  16. yuanti50 says:

    Awesome video. Thank-you. We are too dependent on the system and that is a great thing to do and takes steps towards. That way we won't need to take the chip.

  17. What is the name of the music which is playing at the end?

  18. Avazar says:

    dead reckoning by clint marshell

  19. Ari Mbozo says:

    what is the music at 1:504:15 ??

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