Arrivals Part 50 ( the coming of Jesus the Messiah ) – Malay Sub


A documentary about the way the Antichrist / Dajjal , Imam Mahdi and the second coming of Jesus ( Nabi Isa ) . A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. Sheryar Ali says:

    am i the only one waiting desperately for the arrivals of our TRUE messiah? our IMAM MAHDI the true descendant of the PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbuh). and our prophet ESSA (AS) the jesus will offer prayers behind Imam MAHDI. the day will be the day of total justice. dajjal and his people will be cut into pieces under the Alam of Abbas (as). LANAT-ULLAH E ALAL QOMIZZALEMEEN

  2. budak says:

    dear ikhwan…hassan nasrallah is syiah…he and his armies..are syiah….they dont like Umar and Abu Bakar and Ayesha…is this the one who will protect Muslim from dajjal?? thw people who accuse sahaba of rasul???

  3. budak says:

    syiah is kafir….they dont like sunni..if they are the armies of Allah, why dont Israel attack them??? this is because Iran and all syiah leaders are cooperating with freemason

  4. budak says:

    the only truth is Sunni…we follow rasul and sahaba and tabiin….we dont accuse them…

  5. @jembali if the only truth are sunni so why are u people said that imam al mahdi still not born yet

  6. Tq all.. I love islam.. Make me feel lucky born as islam.. Allahuakbar..

  7. sebuah siri yang menakjubkan bagi saya …

  8. MashAllah I love you Allah "swt"

  9. What's the song playing at the end brothers? Makes me wanna do jihad ya know

  10. Dnt Wry says:

    Clint Mansell – "Death Is The Road To Awe"

  11. Dnt Wry says:

    Anybody know who the guy at 0:53 is?

  12. yapmayın sizde bahsettikleriniz gibi müslümanların beynini yıkamayın….. Hz. Aişeye Hz. Ebabekre Hz. ömere küfreden iran nasıl oluyorda mehdi ordusu oluyor…? iran bin yıllık tarihinde aceba hiç gayri müslim bir devletle savaşmışmıdır. iranın tek savaş verdigi din müslümanlardır. yeryüzündeki tüm müslümanları şiileştirmektir. yazıklar olsun Hz. Aişeye Hz ebubekire ve ehli beyte küfredenlere..

  13. 10 dogruyu verip 1 beyin yıkama yapmayın

  14. حسن نصر اللات قاتل السنه فى فلسطين وسوريا قاتل اﻷطفال
    اللهم عليك به ومن والاه

  15. Minhal Raza says:

    To everyone bitching about shias first get the spelling right and laanat on 123 Omar Abu bakar and usman shi is the right path how come u sunnies don't believe Ali [pbuh as], IMAM Mahdi [pbuh as] is Ali's grandchild you don't believe any imam before the Mahdi you lunatics they are killing us because we are Shia and we are right you are sunni and you are wrong you make Shia look bad with your long beards and ragged shalwars. Please only the truth will try to be erased (Shias) read the nahjul bal

  16. Minhal Raza says:

    You guys are stupid and logically use the word allah wrongfully Allah means god in Arabic so Allah is god of any so for Christian Jesus or ESAA is Allah for you and Al Jalil or any 99 is our allah

  17. Aviator13 says:

    wow after such a long time seen this again! Hats off to Noreeaga

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