Arrivals pt.16- media and Islam


arrivals part 16 .


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  1. q8kuwait10 says:

    wow..that was powerful

  2. alhadi1001 says:

    Of course there is not a lot of comments here….. truth alwayse hurts

  3. Meed8809 says:

    @alhadi1001 You know what?
    If this video contain something bad about Islam or Arab you will see many racist or brain-washed people are commenting and making jokes around here.

  4. Vegas Girl says:

    9:28 is a nazi sign

  5. mariam wasim says:

    This is definatley a wake up call!

  6. Shit !! we live in a world of infamous media

  7. MJ MISSUSO says:

    When it's against ISLAM they call it FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    but when it's against jews they call it antisemitism ! WHO HYPOCRITICAL

  8. M Samim says:

    But the TRUTH is always the WINNER…..

  9. euro106 says:

    and thats the truth

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