Arrivals Reloaded (English ) Part 3 ( 2 of 3)


The Arrivals Reloaded Part 3 ( in English ) * Standard Definition * This is the third part of the recreated version of arrivals . Date: February 28, 2010 Channel: …


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  1. ArrivalsHD says:

    @gangrelated12345 the time will come for all of us to be judged and people will get what they deserve

  2. is there any videos of the arrivals reloaded in french subtitles ???

  3. ArrivalsHD says:

    @apocalypanas Not that i know of sorry.

  4. @gangrelated12345 that is not the way we should be thinking, we should be making dua for them that they may see the truth

  5. ArrivalsHD says:

    @SimonCowelsSister Lets not try to spam every video in the series Propaganda on a mass scale is what this is beggining to unveil to the audience this is a mere awakening or a realisation of the truth that: we are living luxrious lives at the expenses of othersm, and we are oblivious to the fact that we are no longer aware of who is controlling the world; and what objective is trying to be achieved by this means of control…

  6. ArrivalsHD says:

    @SimonCowelsSister …It's easy trying to comment on a video that attempts to awaken a free thinkin mind, but it is different when you comment on a video that keeps the massess asleep

  7. 1tonykirk says:

    @SimonCowelsSister , spoken like a continual dreamer without descretionary powers.
    I suppose this makes MKUltra a program for good according to you.

  8. @SimonCowelsSister listen , you can live in fear and denial and call yourself a atheist , what ever, the fact is they believe in what they are doing .and you are a slave /

  9. Ramsey14100 says:

    This videos are not on the wake up procject website. Why?

  10. thanks uploader 🙂

  11. Ahmed Imran says:

    @SimonCowelsSister we already have all the scientific evidence, but thanks for the advice. cheers!

  12. yo! i do believed when Jesus Christ, the true messiah will come and kill these anti christs and burn them in hell for eternity! and all people will know the he is the only savior!;)) he is truly Lord and savior..;)) God bless everyone! keep up the good work guys!

  13. guest1921 says:

    the narrator is aweful

  14. guest1921 says:

    lennon honor explains the music vdos in more depth and detail. watch the workings of evil

  15. MCTanman1 says:

    ok i don't get it, why does 13 have so much importance in this conspiracy

  16. Ironthis says:

    I am a slave and servant of the one and only God!

  17. Hala Hadi says:

    Guys, in Madonna's song…the part she says "you hold the key"…it occurred to me that she might be speaking of Solomon's key (pbuh)…and that Satan holds it now.

  18. Beware of people like John Todd and Jordan Maxwell

  19. Fahim Uddin says:

    No sound. Any alternative?

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