Arrivals Reloaded ( English ) Part 4 ( 1 of 3 )


Arrivals Reloaded Part 4 ( English ) * Standard Definition * This is the fourth part of the recreated version of arrivals . Air Date : March 7, 2010 Channel: …


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  1. t10parwani says:

    guys pause at 5:27 and look at the up left of lindsey lohan, where she s doing the pyraimd eye.. u will see a vision of 2eyes which kinda looks like jesus pbuh… i found it out.. so i dont know let me know ur views

  2. iam a little bit confused… i thought that michael jackson was a free masonic himself !!! then how could they turn against him if hes one of them???

  3. ArrivalsHD says:

    @halawany852001 Ofcourse to be in any aspect of the media industry you have to be involved with controlling the masses. Michael Jackson did have subliminal messaging in his music like in: Thriller or Smooh Criminal. But some musicians or people within the industry become fed up and try to use there aquired fame to make the public aware of what is really happening. Michael Jackson did this by releasing songs like: They Dont Care About Us. He later withn his fame sung about healing and love.

  4. @halawany852001 he isnt dead

  5. thanks uploader 🙂

  6. Vmancanada1 says:

    @halawany852001 he sold his soul so he had to pay a price just as Elvis did ect. Have you ever heard of the Midas touch?

  7. Mirza Khan says:

    @halawany852001 Satan is not faithful to anyone. he used Micheal and when he found him not to be true very die hard follower.. he threw him out probably and destroyed him.

  8. HBKing86 says:

    MJ was a good man…He will be amongst the good people in ALLAH's eyes…Insyallah…And may all of us be together in ALLAH's beautiful heaven… Insyallah…

  9. my goodness!! haaayyy..king of pop dying in the hands of the freakin mj! youre in God's hands now..;)) God will avenge for your death along wt all who died fighting for the good of humankind!

  10. 2WorldWar2 says:

    i have no idea how the bruce lee speach was relavant

  11. oakdawg04 says:

    Michael jackson made shahaddah and disappeared from the spotlight just as dave chappelle made shahaddah and disappeared from the spotlight

  12. qistinayu says:

    Is it true that Michael Jackson WANTED to convert into islam? and they said they murder him BECAUSE he wanted to sing Give thanks to allah at his concert. His brother is muslim tho

  13. kpac F says:

    I love Bruce Lee's part in this episode. He understood we need to balance our instincts and our intellect/reason to achieve a higher existence

  14. Saad Yaqub says:

    @halawany852001 hey there…he was nt a free was alll a propoganda against him…he converted to ISLAM before he died…

  15. MJ DID touch little boys, and ASKED for those drugs, hes in hollywood hell w/ the rest of them

  16. If you start disobeying orders. you will be erased

  17. jad haddad says:

    its great… but Britney Spears didnt said ( all the boys and all the girls are begging to f**k me), she said all the boys and all the girls are begging if you seek Amy.. i against the agenda dont get me wrong but there's a mistake in the text 🙂

  18. Idk why they show banazir butho her dad invented the Taliban and she also had a hand in with Pakistans isi I don't get it why put her I image explain to me

  19. M.M ALAM says:

    That's what I was wondering why would they have a picture of a Benazir Bhutto.

  20. The way she sings the lyric "if you seek Amy" makes it sound like she's spelling out f u c k and then the amy sounds like 'me'

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