Arrivals Reloaded ( Urdu ) Part 2 ( 2 of 4 ) Part 2


Arrivals Reloaded ( Urdu ) * Standard Definition * This is the second part of the recreated version of arrivals . Air Date : February 19, 2010 Channel: …


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  1. 2nd Episode was Quite Good… Especially The Video Captured By Alex Jones in 2000……

  2. saraj ul haq says:

    in wwe star chapion john cena also use this symbol using his hand

  3. max smith says:

    urdu translation is not very clear bk ground music is too loud can u sort this out plz ?

  4. ArrivalsHD says:

    @teasemepleaseme Sorry but only part 1 and 2 are Cam Rips the rest are better quality.

  5. Shayan Ali says:

    I have 1 mb connection speed
    And the video is too much high quality
    can you please convert these files to lower quality

  6. ArrivalsHD says:

    @MsShayanali I have 1MB internet too. Just remove your temporary internet files or view the video in low quality.

  7. Junglilund says:

    @raja96376 and also Matt Hardy!!! M i Right?

  8. i think
    spider man ka b yahi sign tha

  9. @MsShayanali …Video ki Qulity 360p ya phir 240p Per dal kar deko video ko…..

  10. eifan nasir says:

    much appreciated for the disclosure..

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