Arrivals Reloaded ( Urdu ) Part 3 ( 1 of 3 ) Part 3


Arrivals Reloaded ( Urdu ) * Standard Definition * This is the third part of the recreated version of arrivals . Air Date : February 26, 2010 Channel: …


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  1. chuchu7777 says:

    Thank you, but where is 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 ?

  2. ArrivalsHD says:

    they are uploading now

  3. one has to salute the zionist and mason mind
    v r in a total trap and our muslim leaders and nations are falling prey to their to colossal world orders!!

    a marvellous documentary

  4. hasanalslam says:

    can anyone tell me the name of the soundtrack used in this documentry? i love that piano soundtrack…..plzzz guide me

  5. @bilalaziz007 i agree wth u this is the main prob of r country ppl

  6. ahmer1 says:

    they have changed our mind , indulge our self to movies music , actor/es are our ideal we want to be like them , having or want to lose our virginity at school , must need to have girlfriend for pleasure porn etc etc

    Allah hum sb ko in sa bachaie

  7. anjum442 says:

    excellent work to expose the dajjalic syestem.May Allah protect us all from these things.Ameen

  8. KZmclaren says:

    Ab Samjh mein ye aya ye Dajjal ka system. Kay hum Girlfriend kyu phasana chahte hain log ciggerate pitay hain unpay bhi Dajjal ka sign hota hai!! etc. May Allah Protect,Bless Everyone Allah hum sab ko in cheezon say or dajjal say bachaiye Aameen!

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