Arrivals Reloaded ( Urdu ) Part 4 ( 2 of 3 ) Part 4


Arrivals Reloaded ( Urdu ) * Standard Definition * This is the fourth part of the recreated version of arrivals . Air Date : March 5, 2010 Channel: Ary …


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    Thankx 4 Uploading…. Bt where is The 3rd part….??

  2. ArrivalsHD says:

    Sorry my friend i am having trouble uploading it but i will get it up today no matter what happens inshallah

  3. clknish nash says:

    music at 7:41 anyone knows?

  4. arifkarim says:

    all parts:

  5. arifkarim says:

    good job. plz continue uploading in hd. my files have better sound quality while urs have better video… 🙂

  6. ArrivalsHD says:

    yh i need to improve audio i am trying my best lol we could do a collaboration send me mp3 i place it onto my footage 😀

  7. asad455 says:

    thanks for uploading….jazakallah

  8. ArrivalsHD says:

    @JOB4HOME WOW Lolz it did not come on tv so you have to wait.

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