Arrivals Urdu Part 1 ( by the investigator )


very nice and informative documentary .


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    All pakistanis sub my channel

  2. asfand babo says:

    @TRUTHBOXNEWS i got the second third and fourth part do u want it

  3. abdul rahman says:

    how u upload this full??????as i am trying but its fail….

  4. asfand babo says:

    @1397r check my videos i got the full arrivals too

  5. asfand babo says:

    @1397r wha do u means ur trying but its fail? you mean u cant upload the full video?
    you have to check the fle if its in under 2gb that will be good good u can upload it and if it is over 2gb then u can upload this video

  6. asfand babo says:

    the full videos is 5 hours and 30 mins'

  7. where is the full version dear friends i am trying to find but not getting might they have deleted the illumi… ? i have watched twice the full Urdu Version but …

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