As Satan / Illuminati Hijacked America [ Cartoon Documentary ] 2015


This documentary explains how the United States has been infiltrated by the infiltration of power that lead to a private bank known as the Federal Reserve hijack our …


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  1. MUTT N.C. says:

    As sad as it may seem, with today's society it will probably take a cartoon to wake people up, but if that's what it takes so be it! Merry Christmas to You and Yours ProConstitutioner, as far as A Happy New Year, that is all up to Us! We are Strong and We are Many and soon We will be tested as never before! God Bless, Lock and Load, Stay Focused and Watch Your 6's!

  2. Joseph R says:

    Got anymore videos like this?

  3. I have seen this a long time ago. Thanks for the re-upload. I had almost forgotten this excellent cartoon.

  4. Nice upload, thanks

  5. Interesting lil documentary 

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