Assange Exposes The Illuminati MUST SEE!!!!! “Hillary Clinton Is Their Puppet”


Julian Assange confirms Hillary Clinton is a puppet for the Order of the Illuminati and controlled by the Rothschild family. Listen closely!!!! MUST SEE!!!!


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  1. allon33 says:

    Julian is also a puppet, think about that! When Trump is not allowed to win, then the revolution will start and we all need to take care of ourselves and not start fighting. Run and hide, and make sure you have enough warm clothes for winter extra etc etc etc; peace.

  2. Linda Davis says:

    Your right, she is being used as a slave, programmed for many years, but, seems to be imploding now with your help. Thank you, stay safe.

  3. Hillary will be eaten by dogs and shit on a dunghill. Modern Day Jezebel.

  4. I hope Assange is well, and well cared for. Bless him.

  5. Julian is a true modern hero ! I wish him all the best and hope he will walk free soon !

  6. John Hatcher says:

    Assange is a hero

  7. Morten Dahl says:

    Assange is above all every body. Special rules apply for him. His analyzes represents a truth of such a unique caliber that it provides him moral ground for doing whatever he wants.

  8. Thank you Julian! You are A Hero to the American People! Thank you for exposing these evil people in our nation. We want you to have citizenship here and we want you to have A great job .

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