Assault Weapons Ban All But Completely Dead on Capitol Hill


Susanne Posel

Vice President Joe Biden hopes that the Congress will go ahead with the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013″. Biden said: “I’m still pushing that it pass — we are still pushing that it pass. The same thing was told to me when the first assault weapons ban in ’94 was attached to the Biden crime bill that it couldn’t possibly pass. It was declared dead several times.”

Assault Weapons Ban All But Completely Dead on Capitol Hill

Biden asserts that “the vast majority of the American people agree with us, the vast majority of gun owners agree with us, that military-style assault weapons are — these are weapons of war; they don’t belong in the street. And [in] the recent decision declaring the right of someone to own a weapon in their home for self-protection, Justice [Antonin] Scalia acknowledged that you can constitutionally ban certain types of weapons. So I’m not going to give up on this.”

Biden and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will meet with the victim’s families of the Sandy Hook shooting for more publicity and attention to the false flag attack that has sparked the justification of a federal gun grab.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has removed the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 off the docket for discussion on the Senate floor; however Reid promised Senator Dianne Feinstein that her weapons ban would have a vote as an amendment.

Democrats have chosen to distance themselves from the assault weapons ban because of pressure from liberal and pro-gun groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action stated: “There will be ramifications for elected officials who support gun bans. Our position is unequivocal. We do not support gun bans as a matter of policy or effective way of controlling guns.”

Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence explained: “People are not going to say, ‘that’s a tough vote for them, let’s not do anything.’ There is a feeling that to win this thing we need all the Democrats. That means people who are in tough races in 2014 don’t get passes. I would expect issue ads and advocacy for all senators.”

Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee has threatened to effect voter turnout for Democrats that support the gun ban. Green said: “With guns, it will be a major election issue for Democrats. Opposing strong gun laws could mean depressing their base, which in the off year would be a very bad idea.”

Feinstein is enraged at the tactics of the pro-gun supporters and Reid’s choice to have her bill removed from legislative consideration. She referred to it as a “major betrayal . . . not to give me a vote. What Sen. Reid told me is that I would have an opportunity for a vote. I take him at his word. I told him also that it would be my intention to separate out the prohibition on the future manufacture, transfer, sales, and possession of large ammunition-feeding devices of more than 10 bullets.”

While Congress goes back and forth on making a federal gun grab a reality, in New York a Stasi network to report gun owners is underway. With the promise of a $500 reward, residents can call a tip line (1-855-GUNSNYS) to report illegal gun owners.

This scheme originated in 2012 with the blessing of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who said that it was created to “encourage citizens to report illegal firearm possession.”

John Grebert, executive director of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police said that this tip line would most likely be revived.

Grebert said: “In our most recent meeting on Monday afternoon we talked about reviving this tip line and informing our members about it by sending out a message and scheduling a conference call to discuss it. The Association partners with the State on a regular basis to provide local law enforcement with additional resources to help them in their efforts to reduce gun-related and violent crimes in their jurisdictions.”

The Record, a local newspaper for the city of Troy near Albany New York, has requested that local citizens call into their “city desk” or email tips on gun owners.

Feeding into the fear-mongering surrounding the gun issue, police officers in Texas gunned down an 8th grader armed with a pellet gun. They justified this irrational action by claiming that the weapon appeared to be an actual semiautomatic handgun.

The incident began with school officials at the Cummings Middle School over-reacting to the toy, saying that the 15 year old boy had a weapon.

The police officers called to the school say that they demanded the boy “put the gun down” and fired on him when he did not comply.

Orlando Rodriguez, interim police chief for the Brownsville Police Department asserted that the child “had plenty of opportunities to lower the weapon . . . and he didn’t want to.”

The officers shot at the boy 3 times, hitting him twice. The police department maintains that they are justified in killing the child because he threatened police officers with a pellet gun.

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