Astana The Future New World Order City Capital of Kazakhstan


Astana The Long term New Globe Get Metropolis Capital of Kazakhstan
For starters, there is the ‘Palace of Peace and Reconciliation’: a extensive pyramid composition in the vicinity of the heart of the city that has an opera corridor, the round desk made use of for conferences of the Kazakh congress and at its apex, a glass-walled observation system. The ‘Bayterek Tower’ in the meantime, is stated to illustrate a Kazakh myth about a golden egg supported by the limbs of a magical tree. Even so, this big golden orb could very easily be mistaken for an picture of the sun. As we all know, sun worship is carefully linked with early pagan techniques, and even inside of the Christian faith has connotations with Lucifer, the ‘Light Bringer’ or ‘Morning Star’.

eleven, 13 and 33 – The Illuminati / Freemason Signature
One particular of the big created matters that pagans worship are Numbers. Occultists basically worship science and the arithmetic fundamental science. They basically believe that that numbers possess inherent energy, all their individual. Pay attention to the explanation of just one of history’s finest Satanists, W. Wynn Wescott, who was extremely influential in the latter part of the nineteenth Century.

To reiterate: “… ‘Numbers are a essential to the ancient views of cosmogony … spiritually as perfectly as bodily … to the evolution of the existing human race all methods of spiritual mysticism are centered on numerals. The sacredness of numbers …” [Ibid.]

The Satanist normally places great energy in numbers, in particular the Black Magic Satanist. As we have stated in earlier posts, Daniel eight:23-twenty five tells us that the faith practiced by Antichrist is Black Magick more, Revelation seventeen:seventeen tells us that the remaining 10 kings are of the exact same attitude and faith as Antichrist. So, we were being not surprised that both Presidents Bush are Black Magic practitioners from the Skull & Bones Society, and that President Clinton was a training Black Magic Satanist.

Satanists believe that that a meticulously prepared occasion should be carried out according to the appropriate numbers, or it may possibly not be productive. They go to great lengths to make an occasion come about according to the appropriate numbers. In the course of the aftermath of the 9/eleven assaults, we demonstrated how the assaults were being carried out according to the Number ’11’, their number of Antichrist.

Permit us give you a couple of examples of when the Illuminati undergirded a essential occasion utilizing the occult signature of the number eleven.

When the Illuminati finished the Initially Globe War, they experienced just productively accomplished the to start with war of Albert Pike’s occult program to create Antichrist [Study NEWS1056]. So, they intentionally finished it on the eleventh Month [November], the eleventh Working day, at the eleventh hour. The signing of the Armistice arrangement was therefore undergirded by three elevens!

When the Illuminati assassinated President Kennedy, he was killed according to the occult number signature of eleven [eleven]. He was killed in the eleventh thirty day period, on the twenty second day, and on the thirty third parallel. He was also killed in the Masonic Dealey Plaza, the most powerful top secret society in the environment now to whom the number eleven is extremely essential. We shall revisit this topic later on, as we discuss the number ’33’ from a distinctive angle.

The Number eleven was a most powerful occult signature fundamental these events. When they were being productively carried out, occultists the environment about knew just what experienced transpired and who experienced carried it out, and for the purpose of setting the stage for “Number eleven” himself, Antichrist.

Why is the number eleven essential to the occultist? As Wescott describes, “… so eleven is the essence of all that is sinful, destructive, and imperfect.” [Ibid., p. 100] So, although eleven is really essential, multiplication’s are also essential, this sort of as 22, 33, 44, fifty five, 66, 77, 88, and 99.

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  1. lol the dude is playing with Google maps

  2. to think people actually believe this shit

  3. Does this work on the flat earth version too?

  4. John Webb says:

    Distances from 9/11 crash – coincidences? Are you saying that was PLANNED??

  5. Maytreiya is the antichrist, freemasons wainting for their the new age leader.

  6. Imani Imani says:

    nice buildings developed jus like dubai

  7. left behind movies just dont make anything like this well probs not cos bunch of ….

  8. Hotchips says:

    Astana is where the kazarian Zionist jews originated from….. Nice place really

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  10. Nuisance 309 says:

    What if the Kazakh Government and The Illuminati are the same thing. So the Illuminati is the Kazakh Government??? O-O

  11. Das ist Las Vegas !!!!!!!!

  12. Why do you call them by their fake names, NWO and Illuminati? Why not call them by their real names so people know who they are? Their real names being the UN and the Vatican. The UN is the NWO and the Vatican the Illuminati.

  13. kl opecx says:

    0:45 This carpet is clean and nobody destroys it! In the name of GOD! Mein Teppich brennt niemand an! Es war ein großer Fehler den Teppich zu demütigen!
    "There are many different cultures but only one civilization!"
    Our New City in Kazakhstan 1:40 1:49 Achtung und aufpassen! EIN GOTT!
    1:50 One World Religion! Aufpassen!
    2:56 Achtung! Aufpassen! Auch Satan arbeitet für Gott um die Ungläubigen in die Holle zu werfen! Erkennt Ihr euch wieder..Satan fürhr euch in die Hölle dafür das Ihr nicht an einen Gott glaubt!
    3:52 Gods Hand!
    4:32 Achtung Aufpassen!
    5:36 Aufpassen!



  14. It's not God hand, its Nursultan Nazarbayev's hand.

  15. Why are people freaking out about Asrana? So far everything looks excellent and beautiful.And the pentagram is not a symbol for evil…ask Zarathustra…

  16. we Kazakhs aren't masons, we are aliens from Sirius, didn't you know that? Idiots..

  17. Vuong Nguyen says:

    Rectangle triangle and circle, when you are an architech using shape is a natural,thing nothing to do with macon

  18. chip sramek says:

    Airplane into the Pentagon….funny.

  19. Gregory GSR says:

    They're not free masons, they're Rosicrucians

  20. Gregory GSR says:

    Donald Trump is a AshkeNazi KhazAryan

  21. egyptian simbology, NO SATANIC
    Es simbologia egipcia, no satanica

  22. you're crazy… pathetic fuck

  23. Dr. Kurwa says:

    I am Kazakh, stop being racist to us, we are nice people, this illuminati thing is fake.

  24. Csaba Zentai says:

    Lucifer nincs, csak SATAN !

  25. Who Cares? says:

    So you want to say that people of Kazakhstan are masons?

  26. Clark Kent says:

    Welcome To My New City.

  27. N2 the Light says:

    the niv esv and all these other versions have been manipulated stick to the kjv

  28. N2 the Light says:

    much love for the video but lucifer isn't the morning star that title belongs to Jesus the Christ

  29. lavivazza says:

    Too much negativity for a beautiful city!

  30. Starl wary says:

    astana capital of the new world order movement in the 21 century .one world government to take over the world peacefully and many countries who want to be united with the new world order can join many countries did i dont know and im not sure will russia or united states join or not.

  31. Cletus297 says:

    Average temperature in january -14 °C. They should have thought of a better location 😀

  32. MilesDei says:

    The 911 "memorial" is a pure evil and disgusting slap in the face of all Americans as they are who perpetrated the attack.

  33. Paul Drien says:

    J M…
    AHREE 100%

  34. ExternaL says:

    That's why you never hear on news and media something about khazaksan they never mention nothing about it, like nothing happens there, they want to keep it secret nobody to pay attention

  35. SACTICAL BAG says:

    You know there's a problem with the picture when a Dictator builds a " place of peace " and there's really nothing to debate the symbolism , bird , pillars , pyramids are there and YOU may not believe in it but the oligarchs do and their dictator has been in power since 1992 .. and they kill protesters in the street , torture but oooooooh nooooo , their leaders can't be involved in the occult ,,,,, gessh some people have the critical thinking capacity of ear wax .

  36. JUAN JOSE says:

    THW de publicidad mundial

  37. JUAN JOSE says:

    THW de publicidad mundial

  38. JUAN JOSE says:

    THW de publicidad mundial

  39. the real Illuminati Jews are from kashar!!! ROTHSCHILD ARE KASHARIANS

  40. Milk Man says:

    this city gives me hope. it shows how a place with urban decay can turn into a thriving metropolis. america could take some notes. personally i think cities in america look too dated. i want a cyberpunk city.

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