Atmosphere – The Arrival


you can’t imagine how much fun we’re having.


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  1. eXTerrae says:

    Bo Hansson brought me here.

  2. I Came here for Fight Night Round 3!

  3. raven poloy says:


  4. Who needs Lil Wayne or the rest when we got Atmosphere!

  5. Jason Boyd says:

    The 2 people who thumbs downed this song need to clean the Potatoes outta there Ears for sure.

  6. This sounds quite a bit like Visionaries – Pangaea ._. I guess they used the same sample or something…

  7. zeroa69 says:

    [Intro: Slug]
    I'm not really supposed to talk about this…..but

    (They've arrived) with the excitement of a newborn
    Came to join the main event and fight against the luke warm
    (They've arrived) with nothing but their word and they history
    Take a can of paint and try to decorate their dignity
    (They've arrived) it's not what they anticipated
    Fuck, it doesn't matter put your fists up and instigate it
    (They've arrived) and they can't save the planet
    Or the children, or the pandas, or themselves goddamn it
    I'm just a man that loved rap
    So much in fact I put every piece of myself inside these fucking tracks
    What is that, you whisper something from the back
    You think your personal attacks make up for what you lack
    I'm just a cat searching for a clean lap to crash
    In a world hurting, waiting for their turn to take a nap
    Sorting through the bills, fan mail, and life threats
    Wondering why the postman ain't delivered my wife yet
    (They've arrived) they call me Sean, this is Anthony
    No need to act hard cause we got extended family
    So I smile while I try to use my words wise
    Say what I meant, just in case this is your first time
    (They've arrived) ooh child are the wings tired
    Smilin' like a couple of fools that the Queen hired
    (They've arrived) can't wait for the vibrate to thicken
    So we can watch the world's hips gyrate
    (They've arrived) even the dead's getting live
    It's a little deeper, you can float, c'mon baby, dive
    (They've arrived) to fall in love with this bitch
    From the petals on her flower to the pimples on her tits
    Fuck the insults and fuck the compliments
    Just wanna see the mommy free the honesty and common sense
    Stop followin' the wind that you swallow
    Cause it's too simple to aim for a target sittin' on a fence
    (They've arrived) we do it for the candle in the sky
    Here's a toast goes out to those who can't handle their high
    You and I, we can swim into the tide
    And watch these other children lose they mind
    (I'm doing fine)
    (They've arrived) and they landed safe and sound
    Better try to take em out before they make your saviors proud
    (They've arrived) so fix the beef, quit actin' like a sheep
    Either spit your speak or sit there and grit your teeth
    (They've arrived) to spread the info to the kin folk
    Fuckin with the climate on the inside of the windows
    (They've arrived) they're here, the baby farmer
    Gonna take it farther, make a mark and break apart your fake martyrs
    Planted firm, let the planet burn
    Understand the terms, you don't wanna open up this can of worms
    I'm tryin' to keep my prize on the eyeball
    But people wanna see you fly, all to watch the sky fall
    Who's to blame for your lack of conviction
    I wasn't drafted, I asked for the mission
    Put your name on the list at the bottom on an empty line
    And hold in plain sight whatever gave you the right to question mine
    The night prowler, gonna crawl past all the rap politics
    You can put that on your last dollar
    Wake up, it's bigger than a pay stub
    There's the door, get your money, go wash off your make-up

    (They've arrived) and they don't need your lovin'
    If you don't wanna give it, keep it
    Doesn't really mean nothin'
    (They've arrived) gonna beat it til it stops breathin'
    No need to even try to even reason with, they're not leavin'

  8. Dope Beats says:

    DOPE DOPE DOPE, never heard this album at the time, kickin off like this lovin it ever since…put your fists up and instigate it!!

  9. this is like a mtb track that inspiers

  10. BigGreekGeek says:

    Barack Obama's myspace profile? 

  11. This is how you start off an album. DAMN!

  12. Patrick True says:

    By far my favorite Atmosphere Album

  13. Mamico says:

    El chandal de los domingos….

  14. Ron Caluman says:

    that's what I call applying yourself.great job.

  15. (Plays The Arrival at my entrance in Fight Night Round 3)
    From Houston, Texas

  16. Paiseizo02 says:

    Bohansson – Utflyk med forvecklingar

  17. Leo Vizcaya says:

    Good ol' memories from Fight Night Round 3.

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