Azie Faison: Alpo Tried To Explain To Me Why He Killed Rich Porter


Azie Faison: Alpo Tried To Explain To Me Why He Killed Rich Porter

I (Doggie Diamonds) caught up with Azie Faison from the movie ‘Paid In Full’, documentary ‘Game Over’. We discuss the movie ‘Paid In Full’ and the new book he was coming out with titled ‘Game Over’ Azie also talks speaking to Alpo in jail and Alpo trying to explain to him why he killed Rich Porter! This interview with done in 2007!! We just got a hold of the footage and decided to release it anyway!

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  1. mz chrome says:

    fuck alpho coward ass nigga need ta get wacked

  2. Justin B says:

    I grew up in late 80's im an 80's baby, I do remember that cocaine was around at people house when i was a kid and literally have memories come up not about cocaine. Such as my babysitter broke a swing we were swinging on. I remember that, then I remember her going and telling me she had powder her nose. So as a kid I saw a lot of it. Kinda wasn't a big deal like a cigarette. When i got past 4-5 then it was early 90's gang stuff came east coast and west coast. I grew up I would say the gangster rap era/grundge rock. It was so much different. Cops were helping communitity and from what i know now most of them where on pay roll for drug dealer later. Tons of kids where always outside. Now they want go in play video games. Right the opposite then. Would enhale my food almost so fast to go outside and one the neighbor would hit a cow bell we all new time go in.Cell phones looked like walkie talkies. All drug dealer had beeper's. It wasn't so much of being black was cool and thug was cool. Back then Fresh Prince was cool. No internet. Just phones. So we got creative and we used those creative id's to steal cartoons smokes tons of stuff we shouldn't have. But most the stores didn't have camera's near like today.2 types rap gangster and that fresh prince de la soul music,luke Cambell kinda started a genre idk what call it strip club music i guess. You could steal cable easy. Everyone had scrambler boxes get all ppv. Man I miss that time. Kinda wish i was born earlier. Azie I like.ALPO was like the first of the gangster gangster movement ,beside cody but that west coast. ALPO made it sound like honor or badge or made more money shooting people and his fame just blew up and seemed like that how things should go. Well he was like he was on drugs because he would shot people just get large amount of money. But could kept everyone alive and in the end not be in jail. Still breaking bread.Someone like him is why we need real shooters to take out someone like alpo. He could stayed the way a dealer teamed with rich and Azie and ran all NY but no he wanted to just shot main dealer quick 300k. Who knows the supplier which is gonna piss lots people off from the people buy drugs from him his family and friends. He thanks for himself, if he was in a gang, I would have him knocked off he just get gang in trouble and he's not reliable shooter. ALPO is everything youngster want to be, but not what anyone wants even the dealer's anyone , because one day he might get mad and shot you and kill you empire and take it down so ALPO seems to be whats wrong with a lot of youngster these days.

  3. flip fever says:

    this ninja crazy he started gangsta rap yooo I'm ???????

  4. Azie = Ace
    Rich Porter = Mitch
    Alpo = Rico

    Did I get this right?

  5. murderboys1 says:

    Realist one to do this shit and talk about it azie

  6. Melvin Rios says:

    He made so much money he should move from Harlem

  7. Ronald reagan created gangste rap.

  8. The words Az spoke from time 16:40 to 17: 50 were big as a Bomb and then another few words from 18:39 to 19:22

  9. Grif0LoakS says:

    So what's the name of the second movie he talks about? Or did it even come out ??

  10. 20 MIC says:

    Trapped yaself man

  11. 20 MIC says:

    On probation parole, hooked on the dope all that. Fuck all that. "PUT THE GARBAGE IN THE GARBAGE AND THE TRUTH IN THE TRUTH."

  12. I am DMY says:

    Much as it hurts to say. Alpo Po, Alberto Martinez snitched by his own admission. He is a like able guy very charismatic but sure nuff killer and selfish snitch. AZ was and is a guy who had a better intention behind his business and how he moved. Rich was shady too. AZ seemed to be the guy with the integrity and he story is to leave the streets alone and find another dope to sell. Switch the product. Entertainment is psychology. That shit sells.

  13. F. Rose says:

    Good video! Later

  14. James Fields says:

    az always been soft..i grew up in harlem i was there

  15. James Fields says:

    alpo no money like 157..159 sugarhill boyz. trust that they know

  16. Luis Munoz says:

    any body pick up on that my color is green they was on another shit when he asked why havent u stood next 2 no 1 from harlem b4 im guessing he talking about dipset being blood ( color red ) but who knows

  17. the guy who played A in paid in full nailed this guy perfect

  18. Nuwanda84 says:

    Uncle Phil lookin motherfucker

  19. Man there is a more recent phone call with him and az talking

    Rich porter turning over in his grave

    Nigga az folded

  20. FACTZZ 216 says:

    I learned so much from this video thanks AZ

  21. Tom Ford says:

    18:30 the most real shit I've heard he a OG frfr unity is our problem divided

  22. God bless all of you …! Get out of the trapp

  23. Mentallect says:

    Can anyone watching BET or listening to rap tell me one thing either present to black men and women that will enhance their chances of living long, healthy, financially prosperous lives while taking care of their sons, daughters, spouses, or their communities? No.

  24. Mentallect says:

    If blacks read books and learned how to speak proper English, pulled their pants up because it started so men could easily butt screw their male tricks in prison, maybe Azie, Alpo, and Rich Porter would not be their heroes…because none of those losers are mine.

  25. This shit so relevant

  26. Dedicated12 says:

    These comments are dumb as hell. Y'all calling him a snitch or talking about vladtv interview dropping first.. Fuck all that listen to his message! Niggas will never wake up

  27. tired of hearing this shit let's unite

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