B2 Stealth Bomber Minecraft Mod vs Illuminati #4


Rival Rebels B21 Spirit saturation carpet bombing. Robot Buster Bomb Nuke modded war adventure. Giant Robot Pilot Mission. ▻ Previous Episode: …


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  1. roro nildo says:

    Rodol vc é br? pq em alguns videos você colo tradução em portugues

  2. derm hams! says:

    Was that high-pitched voice me? .3.

  3. Hi Rodol Phito! I just sent you over an email about a possible partnership opportunity. Check it out when you get a chance.

  4. Joshua P says:

    Rodol can I be in one of you vid

  5. Joshua P says:

    (.-.)/ this is me rodol cuz I can't play your srver _(._.)_/

  6. Joshua P says:

    RODOL I Got into the b2

  7. Joshua P says:

    Make cool thins to do with rr

  8. the fps is a little shitty try lowering the settings ;)

  9. So for some reason,after the robot buster update,the controller GUI is missing textures for me,I have absolutley no idea why…

  10. Joshua P says:

    Rodol dose it one shot the robotk

  11. Joshua P says:

    Hey rodol do you like 1.9?!?!

  12. Joshua P says:

    Plz help me rodol I can't play rodol.mooo.com plz help

  13. Rodol phito can put the B2 bomber version 1.5.2 Minecraft ?? I would greatly appreciate it . Well, I hope you say : Yes

  14. Terminatrix says:

    +Rodol Phito you should make an illuminati mod

  15. can you pls fix the glitch withe steel block.
    when i have other mods installed the steel block changes texhure and crashes minecraft

  16. Joshua P says:

    Rodolphito try terraria pls

  17. Rodol Phito я тебя приглашаю в барабаш

  18. Where's the rest of the series?

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