BAG OF BABIES | Seamonkeys Ep 19


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  1. nice video cant wait to see how the shrimp turn out.

  2. it would be cool if you named your next episode Shrimp Ep. 1

  3. Felicia, we will never forget you. You were truly amazing and will always be remembered.

  4. Change the name to Brime Adventures!??

  5. honestly I really like da current name. plz don't change it (do whatever you want)☺☺

  6. Titan Master says:

    I love these videos keep it up leopard gecko!!!!

  7. I subbed for your Leo videos, but I watch your others because of your accent. Its adorable. I live in the states, but my aunt is from Ipswich, and find her accent very easy to listen to.

  8. I was wondering if you could do a video on how to take care of wax worms

  9. dianny shaw says:

    Can you plz do a video about safe live plants for reptiles I love your videos ?


  11. Paige Ptak says:

    Is a tank with these dimensions big enough for a full grown crested gecko?

    Tall: 14 inches
    Wide: 16 inches
    Long: 12 inches

  12. Paige Ptak says:

    Also (this is probably going to seem like a stupid question to you) do you use just tap water with nothing in it to remove chemicals or whatever in the water for spraying down the tank and making the food for your crested geckos?

  13. Hi it is starting to turn to fall here and my leopard gecko's terrariums are in the low 20s when I wake up . I leave the heatpad on it os a 9w but it doesn't seem to warm up the whole viv do you think I need a heatlamp for the wonter because temps drop much more here in the winter

  14. Reptified! says:

    Whoa thats alot of seamonkeys xD Its pretty neat how you keep them in a cute goldfish bowl! I think you should name it "The Brine Sphere" but the name is fine and also R.I.P. Felicia…

  15. I like the name the way it is

  16. Storm's Zoo says:

    You should do a daily routine video for your crested geckos.

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