Ball Brothers Shooting Secrets: Lonzo | LiAngelo | LaMelo


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Today I wanted to break down and talk about the shooting form of Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, and LaMelo Ball. At Shot Mechanics we believe that every shooter will have their own form and technique. So the Ball Brothers are a perfect example of just that. These guys are still very effective shooters with vastly differnet shooting mechanics. I thought this would make an interesting case study, so take a look at your mechanics and see if there’s something from their jumper that you might be able to add to your own!

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43 Responses

  1. Please do Joakim Noah's shot. 😉

  2. I come from the left side just for spacing

  3. Disappointed with the vid coach. They maybe doing really good in their league but it's clear their shooting form is still weak. I don't know what they're jump shot % is but my guess is that they're volume shooters. I feel like this vid celebrates these brothers as good shooters when clearly they need more work and get stronger.

  4. Lalih Mo says:

    Why does your form matter? if you can get your shot off and it goes it thats all that counts

  5. Don Knock says:

    Video is an ode to confirmation bias…

  6. 3:06 the only thing I could see was lamelo's pass

  7. Edmon Lacsa says:

    a lot of people saying their jumpshots are ugly but who cares its about landing that ball in the ring lol

  8. petty G says:

    wow the last jumpshot is ugly af

  9. lonzo has larey birds form

  10. Ka Mo says:

    Cmon these kids are still in high school and college. Let's re evaluate them if they reach the pro, spend 2-3 seasons.

  11. Ball Brothers Shooting Secrets:

    They don't give a fuck.

  12. Whenever someone has the best shot form, they can't shoot for shit, but if they have the ugliest shot form, they shoot the best ?

  13. You're such a retard they just practiced to get their shots good

  14. Lamelo shot is really fucking ugly

  15. wtf..this kids has the ugliest shooting form..but still they can do 3pointsz

  16. Ravi Amin says:

    5:19 like how the fuck does that shot even work?? i dont know, but it do

  17. Targatheory says:

    these are straight up the three uglies brothers ive ever seen. im not even making fun or trying to be mean. i honestly am impacted by the way they look and am just publicly commenting on that so dont hate.

  18. B12Row says:


  19. Kobe Bryant says:

    These guys can really shoot. I'm really impressed with Lonzo and Lamelo Ball. They are the future of the 3 point shooters.

  20. Yaz Plays says:

    do a how to shoot like lamelo ball video

  21. MLG SHOTZz says:

    Lamelo also kicks his legs like a ballerina

  22. h4rish29 says:

    I have a weird shot, shoot with both hands on the right side, but follow through with my left

  23. Sang Nguyen says:

    I hope the go to the Lakers

  24. Philip Beach says:

    Liangelo and Lamelo won't even be starters for UCLA. One and done is a joke as far as they are concerned. Don't believe the hype.

  25. Philip Beach says:

    And there is no way that he is even going to the NBA, let alone "one and done"! Same for Liangelo! No way is he an NBA prospect!

  26. Philip Beach says:

    How do you explain lack of rotation on Lamelo's shot? Knuckleball!

  27. i tried to stoot like all of them 1st was off target af 2nd was blick after brick and 3rd was way to much power so im wondering how the hell they shots go in but look like they are drunk high and on the phone trying to shoot at the same time?

  28. lamelo is my favorite high school player of all

  29. Ere Plays says:

    No one want Know LiAngelos Shot's secrets because he is bad with shooting

  30. Rafael Zamot says:

    Says :"Quote on quote."

    thinks about Skip Bayless

  31. Free Bee says:

    their father is a fucking retard

  32. My Name Icy says:

    Lonzo left side release helps me alot

  33. Ethan Hunt says:

    Lamelo got the best form

  34. Kyle Anthony says:

    He said lamelo needs more range but he made it from half court

  35. MotoCruza says:

    They are not even as good as Lebron or Carmelo during their high school years. They can't compete with NBA with their body built and limited athletics, and their shooting percentage is not that good either. Overhyped kids gets used by aspiring youtube vloggers to get subscribers. OVERHYPED, OVEPRICED… call it whatever you want but they are not worth it.

  36. BasketballTV says:

    Could you put julian newmans shooting form and ball handling skills please?

  37. can you make a shooting video on Eric Gordon

  38. Luca musso says:

    There is no secret it is just skill retard

  39. BLEACH MAN says:

    Bet you 6463726272626367464 dolors you won't read the numbers

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