Baltic States against russia! World War 3! Baltic states ALWAYS win!!!!


Baltic States against russia! World War 3! Baltic states ALWAYS win!!!!


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  1. UH Okay But YOu Do Realise That United Contries of Baltic HAve at least 40.000 Men While The Hole Russia SCG Allience Has around 16.000.345.345
    Al Becus China Has A Whoping Population OF 1.2 Billion People And Russia Has Pretty much all of asia to help

  2. Interesting presentation.

  3. hahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Everyone can be tough guy on internet but meeting F2F in real life would be different, aint it )))
    Hate fucking nazis like this.

  5. @BalticSuperpower3 is this what your parents feeding your ass for breakfast? Just come to any Russian and tell them this shit and then you'll fucken die. Youtube gangsta

  6. lol. Bravo, Bravo ! Now keep dreaming . baltic ''states'' dont have chance even to win fight against
    our alchoholics lol. Fuckin brainwashed nerds

  7. lkd344 says:

    pomoimu avtor video pidorast v priamom smisli ,emu iavno kachki nraviatsia!

  8. haha what a bullshit this vid, oh thx m8 u made my day xD

  9. ib1sth says:

    автор видео видимо сильный мечтатель…. тока не все мечты сбываются

  10. nah wispaar jaabuut kkaadiem nacistiem?!

  11. footage82 says:

    if baltic people can are warriors forever…. i am mushroom head…
    and guess what…
    my head is full of mushrooms

  12. Wofka1986 says:

    Im not flagging you, i just make fun of you.

    I have still my first channel.

  13. Filantrops says:

    Nu vecīt… sviests galīgs.

  14. VIRMALINE108 says:

    Thank you, Dear friend! Greetings from Estonia! Baltic states will be always together and invincible!

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