Banned UFO Footage That French Authorities Tried To Ban


Banned UFO Footage That French Authorities Attempted To Ban


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  1. Traci Noble says:

    it's banned huh? sooo, where'd you get it from? and if it's banned, why is it still up?
    didn't quite think that through huh?
    cute play on basic psychology of advertising though.
    "hot words " are a cool form of "click bait" in the pursuit of promoting nonsense .
    like those religitards who post their holy roller videos.
    LMAO .
    but hey YouTube equalls money right?

  2. Carl B says:

    Clearly a bird.

  3. To the idiots who apparently get this kind of footage, upgrade your damn cameras because every single fucking piece of UFO footage out there seems to be captured on useless fucking cameras it's 2017 ffs, stop trying to bullshit the bullshitable and go get a fucking proper passtime

  4. Banned UFO footage the French 'tried' to Ban, that makes no sense, if it's Banned then how the fuck do you make out the French tried to Ban it, they didn't do a good job at 'Banning' Banned UFO footage lol the headline is just bait ffs

  5. it is (impossible) to create an invisible craft! with no form of operator electric, solar…

  6. It's funny, you skeptic idiots saying "Oh UFOs aren't real" are the same idiots that believe Nasa when they tell you that planets, light years away could sustain life. Seriously take your heads out of your asses people. If other planets could sustain life…do you really believe there can't be a planet older than ours, with a lifeform that is more advanced than us? Come on son!

  7. A guy has to wonder if it isn't a TR-3B?? Maybe an Aurora??

  8. I used to love u tube for the latest ufo sightings. Now it's all old crap and bullshit click bait channels

  9. rejecter 01 says:

    This has got to be all lies cos the title is BANNED footage that they TRIED to ban. Make up your lying mind idiot is it banned or they are trying to ban it. This is nothing but a documentary from television and we all know how they end. They leave you with more questions than answers because the net works dont wont to commit to a specific answer for liability purposes.So it is not really about UFO,s it is about the possibility of UFO,s and I am sick to death of these moronic people posting lies.

  10. it's only ball lighting yeah right.

  11. nice r/c chopper video fake ass if was a real one he wouldn't b so calm about it.

  12. Jesse Nash says:

    I saw that in 2020

  13. Is funny that NO ONE films a ufo with a telescope in HD, so we all can see it from near..
    is not that complicated, isnĀ“t it? just get a good telescope :p

  14. YO YO says:

    Wat the fuck are those things, nobody will ever ever know

  15. Kam M says:

    Your title is illogical Jim!

  16. War Daddy says:

    if a UFO is on the ground is the F still relevant?

  17. Do you just upload these or are they filmed by you?

  18. they tried to ban BANNED footage? That's just outta control lol. we should make illegal stuff illegally illegal too.

  19. well that's just stupid. Wait to you see the one they tried to ban that involved a flying dill pickle

  20. Aneil B says:

    the banned stuff that the banning people tried to ban us from seeing the banned things in this banned video.

  21. I seen the same twice near Heathrow Airport. Helicopters always trying to get near to it, but this is much faster than a helicopter.

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