BANNED! World War 3 is about to happen,


as we move closer & closer to the end the world is going to go through things it never was nor never will again . pray , repent , Jesus is coming … By Video


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  1. Moses A says:

    Just to let you all know that Jesus is real and He gives true joy and peace, nothing like the world can offer. He does truly love you. Why not give Him a chance to prove that He is indeed real?

    2 minutes can change your this life and eternity..just 2 minutes!!!

    All you need to do is go to your room, be on your knees or sit or stand whichever is comfortable, and just tell – "O Lord Jesus, if you are real, if there is a true living God, please do reveal yourselves unto me. I would like to know you. I leave it to you now to reveal yourself unto me. Thank you Jesus"
    That's it. Just say this with all your heart.

    Your life will never be the same again, trust me. Please I plead, intreat, beg..just give God a chance ONCE and then leave it. If nothing does happen, all you have lost is 2 minutes of your life! Please..

  2. wmfivethree says:

    Iran already declared "war" on Israel, but a proxy war to make Israel so uncomfortable that Jews won't want to live in the Mideast. This does not preclude a wider war, but things seem not to be going that way at present.

  3. Rich Bianco says:

    Holy crap, those were some big explosions… why didn't we hear about them?

  4. People of the world, remember this, if the 99% say no to war, then there can't be a war, we are all ruled by the 1%, they are the people we should be fighting, not each other, all our governments have gone bad, we all need, to get rid of these people and replace them with governments, from the people, and for the people, and we should all stop interfering in other peoples countries, this world, would be a much better place, without the 1%. People of the world, don't pick up arms, just because the 1% said so, say no to war, we can all live together in peace, its just the evil, money grabbing, power crazed 1% that can't, so say no to the 1%, and say no to war.

  5. Veedon7 says:

    "Especially Israel"' yes of course .All you American boys get ready to die for Israel

  6. David Perry says:

    Well, I have been wating for this for 25yrs

  7. Texas Arcane says:

    I like to hear these cowardly chickenhawks laughing together about how they are going to "take these guys out" when they will not be doing any fighting, have never served in a military or fired a shot in anger. The tragic thing is that the eligible voting males in their country are such massive pussies themselves they see nothing ridiculous in all this. It was a former standard in our Republic that if you had never served in the military you were unfit to command or order the military anywhere. These soft flabby white people have probably never been punched in the face as adults. I cannot believe any of us who served in the military would take orders from these tyrants to do anything or go anywhere.

  8. Texas Arcane says:

    The United States warned people that Assad was going to use chemical weapons despite the fact there was no evidence. Assad had no idea of what they are talking about. So Assad invited U.N. inspectors to the country to demonstrate there was no evidence for this crazy assertion. Supposedly on the day they arrived, Assad decided this would be a good day to use his "chemical weapons." Insane. Total insanity. Americans are stupid enough to believe every word of this crap. These people are removing every single leadership position in every single country around Israel one at a time. Israeli lunatics may think this is a good idea. That's because they are lunatics. When Israel is done puppeting the United States it will be discarded like a used condom.


  10. And russia just attack isis on syria
    Just saying. 

  11. Stacy Rosa says:

    war war war kill them all…..thus said the lord

  12. Russia done no harm to them whtsowever so why bomb?

  13. Pk Silver says:

    religious psychopaths fulfilling their own psychopathic prophecies.

  14. Pk Silver says:

    Christians feed off wars and fulfilling their own psychopathic prophecies, hardcore.

  15. death does not scare me , life in this messed up world does!!! God will not Harm this world only Man will cause the complete destruction himself. im ready I have nothing anyway, materials mean nothing!!

  16. Yatukih001 says:

    Went to video. Found out the name of it´s user is ´1 million soldiers for our lord Jesus Christ´. This is why ladies and gentlemem I´m not watching the video. And if I do I probably won´t believe one per cent of it or any of that other stupid world war three bullshit.

  17. Rene Nava says:

    This a prophecy that is going to be fulfill as it is written in Isaih 13. The bible doesn't lie people. Wake up! Repent!

  18. Shu Shen says:

    lets all face it we don't want to. we just go on with our lives. but anyone who just watches the news nowsadays know that something really fucked up is going to happen very soon.

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