Barack Obama ‘deliberately snubbed’ by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20


The row between the US and China over protocol began before President Obama had even got off the plane at the Hangzhou G20 summit… Find out what it’s all …


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  1. Jay Hert says:


  2. Mo Hoes says:

    These nig are crazy They get a host the G 20 once in their lifetime and I think they're the shit there's still the world factory get the fuck off of it

  3. OxygenBeats says:

    Red is a very special color in China

  4. shannon Hale says:

    is that the bow or stern of the plane he got off of?

  5. ZHONG KEVIN says:

    Some certain medias are always trying to damage the image of China. There was the red carpet prepared for Mr. Obama, but because of certain reasons, he did not use the prepared Airstair by Chinese officals. Instead, he used the Air No.1's own stair. That is why the red carpet was not shown on the stairs. And if you look carefully on the ground in other news pictures, you will see the red carpet. I just wonder that why the media always want to twist the fact and damage the relationship between two nations. Unbelievable, I have seen so many so-called "impartical" medias twisted facts about China.

  6. Brian Cheng says:

    this video didn't tell the whole story. after that Chinese government put a whole case of Chiquita bananas inside Obama's limousine he was happy as fuck all is forgotten.

  7. griff martin says:

    fuck you dont u have any video to post…aghhh

  8. Chavs getting their knickers in a twist have red carpets extending from their garden gate to their front door, but beyond the door, you wouldn't want to house pigs inside. They live in squalor. But chavs being chavs they put the emphasis on red carpets. Don't forget chavs have to have all things matching: red carpet to match their rednecks.

  9. griff martin says:

    will he die because he hasnt stepped on the red carpet

  10. hehe that was a deliberate stunt from usa ,they feared chinese would have bugged obamas plane

  11. Eric Bian says:

    Please see below FACTS instead of MADE-UP NEWS.

    – It is US side who decline the red carpet welcome. All other leaders receive red carpet welcome. How could it even possible that China just reject it to US? Your White House guy make it a mess and just blame it on China. (I guess maybe Josh Earnest did it on purpose for your election season! However, do not take use of China. Your election is like a joke!)

    – Mr. Xi invited Obama (NOT PUTIN!!!!!) to the West Lake of Hangzhou and had a free talk aside the lake (The lake is a famous place where the later performance put on). No other leaders are invited during the whole event. Why this is not even covered in your reports? And you all focus on the incident. If China would like to insult Obama, how could the follow up meeting be arranged?

    – From the link below, you would see what Obama's response to this incident. He said it happened to many other countries including US allies! and It is Josh who "make" the seams a little bit more. However, you make the only report point of the event! This is not a little bit more. Again it proved that White House did this on purpose!

    Pls check this

    – Technically Air Force One is the territory of US. Thus the women was correct by saying "this is our president , our aircraft". However it was not covered in all reports I saw from CNN, CBC, BBC…… Interesting! You all ignored it! Shame on you! You know she had been very arrogant, thus you cut that part, right?

    – Technically the Chinese official (no matter he is from government or not) was correct too. After the aircraft land it on China airport and Obama stepped out of the plane. Your President and journalists are on China's territory. NO MORE YOUR CONTROL. Thus please obey the rule of Chinese Airport and Security Procedure! This is not a matter of protocol, this is a matter of professionalism and mutual understanding.

    – There are many airplanes coming in and out and many cars need to be arranged. Is the ramp interview so import to US journalists? The whole event should save time for US reporting? Because you bring your aircraft carriers to Asia, so your guys could do anything you want, right?

    – There are so many terrorists events happened just in a month time. A higher security level is to protect your President of USA. However, you take it as an insult to your White House official and reporters!

    – Why not check in advance if you are allowed to interview the leaders on ramp?. If you checked and China's response is NO. Why did you try again on ramp? Is it not clear enough? You had many other occasions to raise questions. (However, during the follow-up press conferences. I did not see you asked a lot questions to your "stepping out" President and one of the first questions is about the arrival incident) Thus my conclusion is you want to "CREATE" some news so you can secure hot search words like China hate US, China's coordination on G20 is weak, G20 in Hangzhou is a nightmare to US and etc.. You planned it because you know Chinese airports are strict! Best Actor/Actress of the Year.! Oscar is waiting for you sooooo long!

    – Why China's airport and air space are now being controlled by military even on civil airports? This is because China did not feel safe in the air. US is sending fighters and bombers into China Air Defense Identification Zone! How about we cancel the Zone. They would come closer to the boarder like before. If you did feel uncomfortable with the strict control by our military, go back and ask your President WHY!!! Nevertheless, you should respect the country you visit! CHINA can say NO! Uncomfortable again? Go back and ask your next President HOW!!!

    – This is another ridiculous topic you created after freedom of navigation. You are fooling US citizens with their money! If anyone travel to China South Sea, no ships (but your air carriers) would feel the navigation is interrupted by China. If anyone could come and visit China, they know how China care about protocol to their guests. A country with hospitality are ruined by US media, and that helps US election get more topics and become more like a reality show.

    How would be the result? The only result is more Chinese people will not believe in US's freedom of speech, human rights and so called independence of journalism. No one could save US if they keep arrogant like that.

    Nowadays, the ONLY SUPER POWER in the world can do nothing but complaining! You complain about Iraq, North Korea, China South Sea…..US could not solve any problems but complaining and this is why the whole world need China's solution. NO US solution anymore. Your media become a propaganda tool!


  12. Notoraj says:

    Hmm amoeba memory of US white trash!! You forgot that Bush shoeing incident??? Iraqi press conference on December 14, 2008, Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw both of his SHOES at then-United States President George W. Bush!! You idiot loser trump supporter white trash, there is no joy if some country shoes disrespect toward your country or President!!

  13. Ilyria 88 says:

    I think the Chinese People dont like the USA. ????

  14. Doctor Oil says:

    I am fine with him departing from the cargo stairs. the only thing that would have made it better in my book would gave been if he was in a crate with a muslim flag draped over it or large dog kennel.

  15. 任能戰 says:

    he deserves a pink carpet…but anti-gay sentiment is strong in China.

  16. I have no idea what really happened there. Havn't got the whole picture, before this vidoe, after this video, inside the plane or China. But I'm sure this is what the video releaser really wants, see how people react. All of these comments is what the MEDIA want.
    My wild guess is that Obama was worried about getting sniped when walking out the door, his aide asked for machine gun protection, but China denied, what the offical really said is This is our country, this is our airport, that's not gonna happen, so that's it, like it or not. Eventually Obama had to get out from the back of the plane without red carpet. Like I said, this is just a guess.
    Don't trust any media, don't get manipulated by media, use your heart not the head.

  17. 齐沐月 says:

    FUCK you Obama!Obama is devil in the world

  18. Obama is a satanic muslim terrorist infiltrated in the white house! Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    Crooked crazy psychopath lying killer!
    In a short circuit mode.   traitor betrayer double-dealer quisling treacherous

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