Baseball announcer advertises for Illuminati during game?



Images associated with evil and darkness displayed on TV

During a strange segment of the Cubs versus Brewers pro baseball game last week, a mysterious display of occult symbols is reported to have flashed on screen momentarily.

A notably shaken baseball fan posted a frantic YouTube video after witnessing what he described as “the most Satanic collection of anything” he’d ever seen.

Baseball announcer advertises for Illuminati during game


The image that appeared on-screen featured a number of medieval occult signs and magic stamps, many of which are identified as Illuminati and Pagan symbols.

According to Wisconsin’s Caledonia Patch, “…it appears this was on the DISHTV & WGN feed, so in speculation the image could have been inserted at either feed location.”

Digging further, we find the likely culprit in a story published just days ago on in which one of the Chicago Cubs announcers, Jim Deshaies, admitted to dabbling in witchcraft to help his team win in the late 80s.

In his opening paragraph, Deshaies notes how the Cubs had lost their last 19 out of the last 21 games in Milwaukee, and ponders, “Is it time to cast a spell on [Milwaukee’s] Miller Park?”

He goes on to explain how in 1988 he “cast a spell” to aid the Houston Astros who were nursing an 11 game losing streak at San Diego’s Jack Murphy Stadium.

Clearly it was time to change the karma. Some unknown force led me to a local book store where I happened upon a book on the occult, full of spells, incantations and the like.

Flipping through the pages I came upon a spell that would put a curse on one’s enemies house. Seemed like a fit. It called for twigs from 3 different types of trees. I gathered twigs from the first three trees I came upon brought them to the ballpark and gathered a pair of co-warlocks (Larry Andersen and Dave Smith). The spell mandated we spit on the twigs then light them on fire and while smoldering recite the incantation…

He also posts the same image featuring the occult symbols that mysteriously appeared on-screen last week.

The Astros apparently won that night, but the announcer fairly gives partial credit to Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan‘s lightning speed fast ball, jesting, “Always a good idea when casting a spell to have a Hall of Famer scheduled to pitch.”

In case you were wondering, the Cubs actually beat the Brewers in Milwaukee shattering the trend, but could the win be attributed to the announcer’s spell? Also, how many believe displaying a jumble of occult images on broadcast TV is a very good idea? Sound off below.

The Caledonia Patch points to the following link for those interested in learning more about the relationship between American Baseball and freemasonry.

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