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It turns out, EA had concerns over the World War 1 setting for Battlefield 1, they thought that the “younger consumers” didn’t know there was a World War 1.


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  1. chadeddie says:

    He's so smart he had a 4.3 gpa in high school? …..

  2. AlphaBiggitz says:

    I've always been fans of world wars one and two, so I was delighted to hear they were releasing a third.

  3. Wait, didn't the US fight in WW1? So doesn't that mean that it is apart of American history and therefore American children should know about it just as much as any other war the US fought in?

  4. Zzarcon1 says:

    Gosh…. Everyone is such an idiot… I swear… Do people even pay attention to history class anymore? Or has everyone been dumbed down by mainstream media..?

  5. j dog says:

    Jesus Christ…….. I've known about ww1 since I was 7 and I'm 13.

  6. Tom O'Hara says:

    I know my nieces and nephew know about WW1. Of coarse they are Canadian and WW1 happened 100yrs ago and that war had a massive impact on Canadian identity. "Shock Troops of the British Empire"

  7. Reidsome says:

    Kids love wars. There are always history buffs, even in elementary school, that just won't shut up about how cool WW II was. Kids in America know about the World Wars, but they're a bit too young to understand the severity of it.

  8. before i start the video, i dont think kids should be playing these games, and i cant believe there educations don't cover the world wars. (well mine didn't) i guess that's Canadian elementary for ya.

  9. Logan Snider says:

    When I was in Elementary and High School, in the US, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth… we learned about WWI. Then again, most public schooled kids I meet 'now-a-days' can barely write a cohesive sentence in print much less cursive, and numerous parents are patinioning to end cursive handwriting in education. So, I'm not really surprised that corporate executives think of the upcoming generation in less flattering intellectual terms… because I certainly do. As a Southern, I also once met a Christian Private Schooled individual who didn't know what the Civil War was… yeah… that particular military conflict was kind of a big deal for THE SOUTH!!

  10. I just finished 10th grade and we learned about ww1, Hitler's rise to power, ww2, the Vietnam wat and the Korean war ,the cold war is what we finished off with

  11. Sad day for humanity

  12. joeofdoom says:

    barely learned anything about WW1 in school it was mostly middle ages crap nobody even cared about. when you look at how shitty our record was for stupid mistakes and poor battle plans it kinda makes sense they didnt want to tell kids how much their governments fucked up or how stupid the whole reason for WW1 even was.

  13. who doesn't know about ww1, every one i know got told about it

  14. Nah just mainly American kids

  15. Leonard 6.

    No movies before.

  16. Sponge Gar says:

    In high school you can take courses in modern history, which is ww1,ww2 and other things.

  17. Ifosil100 says:

    This game is made for adults, but ea care about the kids? 🙂 find the mistake.

  18. Gareth King says:

    World War One is a major topic in the British cirriculum, we also have the annual rememberance day parades to honour the lost in all wars. Said parade is always on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month [the end of the war]

    It's a very big topic in Scotland as the scottish regiments lost more soldiers per capita than almost any country.

    I may just sound like an old man here, but I am really pissed off that people no longer look into history… it's a shame… "Those who do not learn from their history, are doomed to repeat it"

  19. ds2781 says:

    Seeing as there are a lot of stupid people in the world that think the earth is flat and that electricity doesn't exist etc. etc. , I can understand where EA is coming from . I've known people that thought the earth was only a few thousand years old even though human history goes back further than that and I even went to school with a girl that thought the rumble strips on the side of the highway were so that blind drivers would know which side of the road they were driving on .

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