Battlefield 1: SNIPER TACTICS OF WORLD WAR 1! Featuring Verdun Multiplayer Gameplay


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20 Responses

  1. Tower 99 says:

    hopefully battlefield 1 isn't as boring as whatever in the fuck game that is you're playing.

  2. Bear Man says:

    no the Germans used fake trees you retard

  3. Niko says:

    What happened to open world games? :(

  4. Paper rock scissors

  5. It's rock, paper scissors, ROCK,PAPER,SCISSORS!

  6. when is the beta?>

  7. Gionormic says:

    Misleading thumbnail. Thought it was actual battlefield gameplay

  8. eio clementi says:

    Nomans land is the prequel to nomans sky

    tell me the name of this game!??!

  10. BelAirBoss says:

    Shot in the forehead by a tree! Oh, the humanity……

  11. that is not battlefield 1 and this game looks like shit

  12. sorry mate but your videos suck donkey dick man

  13. nick oconard says:

    how the hell did thisguy get to record bf1 gameplay? is this legit, if it is then damn :o

  14. i Ritical says:

    fake tree sniper. sick

  15. holy crap BF1 looks so bad O.O…

  16. shooter4600 says:

    3 on a match
    I'll be making my shots that way…smoking will be a mechanic right?

  17. XtremeDogg says:

    I think the zeplin will be the commanders station.

  18. killing an innocent pigeon is horrible :(

  19. a pigeon that acts like a drone? do you know how stupid that sounds. they added it because it was something common in ww1 nothing more than that reason. stop trying so hard.

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